My Balmy Methods for Juggling Work and Family

woman waking up and stretching

My personal Habit Ritual Balmy Stick Support System

This year I have chosen to give us booze, not just setting the dry January target but – first that and then perhaps extending it. I am starting to feel the difference as I bounce out of bed, loving the Sunday morning peace I get whilst others sleep in – and I get stuff done. As I was mulling this piece I was thinking, as I always do, how can I share more to make the lives of others, better. My Mum taught me that the more you put into life, the more you get out. On that score I am having a particular struggle with a very bored daughter number three, aged 17 and stuck in the Covid lockdown like so many teenagers.

I keep encouraging her to have a good routine, to build a daily process by which we get things done. Setting targets for outcomes has always been my way, I am not sure if it is the Army background or the sporting upbringing, but the target helps me feel like I am winning.

I think it makes building good new routines easier, my always early morning start enables me to invest in a moment of calm. It gives me the power of a good start to the day. Thus and before reading on, here are the tips and tricks I use to save time, by being organised, by living my routines and rituals and by treating myself sometimes because of good work achieved. My rewards started very small and I have never felt the need to go wild, (unless I achieve a mega target), but anything from getting my legs waxed to a new coloured MUJI pen will brighten my days.

Top Tips for Saving Productivity

1. I drink a whole bike water bottle every morning and before anything else

2. I also do the same at lunch time – and hang onto one during the day. It makes an immense difference to the way I feel and perform – not to mention if like these days I exercise as a break in the evening before supper.

3. When starting each day I review my Moleskin black graph book with my fresh ‘things to do’ notes, priorities and work pieces I must get done.

4. I work in the morning before the noise and before the first coffee and I only drink a max of three coffees a day, and never after 4pm.

5. I organised the things I need not to forget linking them to something – like car keys or my phone, that I go nowhere without. Simple, stress reducing, massively effective and time saving– life saving it seems sometimes this habit. You just have to bother to bring things together and start a pile (I put all the things in the same place by the door, I am exiting).

6. I won’t bore but actually as I reflect I am literally systematically proud. I let the dogs out first thing, I even compete with myself around the kitchen to put things away in least steps with max efficiency and I then am set up tidy for the day.

7. When I brush my teeth in the morning I not only apply FOCUS Balm, on bigger days when I feel I have to impress, I wear perfume. These days even though I’m not going out the fragrance gives me strength to overcome tired frustrations. Breathing in a controlled way which I click into as something of my own personal “take back control” habit is part of everything I do to maintain positivity. But a little boost like Focus from “Scentered,” gives me a huge natural boost of confidence. 

 Supporting Habit Change

Actually the ingredients in Focus such as mint can kill your cravings. Using a 100% natural balm applied to pulse points to take the pressure off, I also carry discreetly the balm fragrance, I gravitate to that day. A powerful balm reminder to resist / support your change and ultimately to break a bad habit and form a new better one.

Whatever your habit change desires, we start with the right mindset and the world is our oyster. I believe this 100% whole heartedly. I often get to lunchtime without stopping – these days endless calls and the juggle of trying to fit everything in – you know when you are having a cracking day as things come together but there are some days, things come at you and you need skills and techniques to keep you on the right track. These days a walk or a change of space across from my barn to home allows a few seconds to reset and revive and go again. Getting the food thinking for the day out the way is often a breakfast conversation.

Covering off your “plan for the day,” everyday helps transition through a generally always energetic, get stuff done, positive outlook. If you wonder what might stop you succeeding in habit change, it can be multiple things. But actually, the difficulty of making a habit mistake is likely when you feel tired, or out of sorts and it is in these times that we’re more than likely dip into bad habits, bite nails, dare I say it... open a bottle or multiple.

Whatever life throws at us, the human capacity and the power of the mind is a pretty formidable machine…yet we all need a little help sometimes. You may simply be in need of a new routine, starting with a fresh plan, better written down you are more likely to succeed, Given the busy lives we now lead, it is helpful to use a tool to stay in control.

I am well versed and well-practiced on all the small things one can do to help habit change. First though you must understand your motivation, your reason to change and perhaps even set yourself a reward once you achieve your goals. Habits are not easy to combat so the more convenient you make your new approaches, starting with an intention to avoid old ways, it is always important to have a fall back alternative method for replacing the old habit with stepping stones to new. Like a Nicorette patch I guess, but better still our Scentered Signature Ritual Collection.

Try to make life fun, I cannot recommend enough the power of fresh free air and a brisk walk to clear the head. Know your mind cadence, when do you do your best work? Of course stressful things arrive during the day, unplanned challenges, and demands, have a coping method. Deep breath, book a GREY out time in the day when you build in a buffer, that whatever happens you have space and time (the most important resource of them all) to catch up, to help someone in need…people first always matters over anything else. Then the rest falls into place. Generally, I use a DE-STRESS Balm but better still, lighting a candle sometimes when I feel it is all getting on top. Changing where I sit, the way I look, the order of things around me all reset for better performance. Be organised and stay organised with this grey buffer block of time, planned in to each day to help you thrive and react to others. Know the time it takes to “get and be focused” on a task and remove yourself from distractions. These days one of my team resorts to making calls from his car, the quiet uninterrupted space. Difficult though times are and fully recognising the space I have, I think if we think through a challenge by stopping and having a re-think then almost anything is possible. Hence Scentered’s determined mantra to bring anyone value. Just learn to STOP INHALE RESET and whatever the dilemma it always becomes more manageable.

What habit has to change and what can you do to help yourself not weaken? How many days you might ask, does it take to break a habit – there is much to be googled on this subject.

Daily rituals definitely help, routines do matter and so does the power we gain from a great night's sleep. Eating not too much too late, another way I live a better life, I also try to exercise nearly every day, always rest day at some stage, normally a Monday as I can enjoy the physical challenges of running through snow like I will today, heavenly sites to look forward to.

I have recently decided I needed to sleep earlier and take in less of the dull news. Back to the habit of a little reading before bedtime I hope. Sustaining an improved approach takes effort, but so does a system, an order of things and I feel I am lucky that as I lead days full of things to do, I like going to bed and have never really suffered from poor sleep except when I used to travel all the time around the globe. I cannot imagine how difficult for the insomniac it must be, but I think SLEEP WELL is the best natural insomnia solution – a gender free brilliant blend of essential oil ingredients that support a great night's sleep.

Of course I am biased, but I think ours is the most attractive fragranced natural good night sleep habit support tool and I know children also love it. My daughters use HAPPY or FOCUS on late nights out to “naturally,” stay alert, I suspect it’s not the only tonic!