How To Re-Create A Spa Sports Massage At Home

How To Re-Create A Spa Sports Massage At Home

The colder weather is here and can leave you feeling cold and in need of some warmth and relaxation. It isn't just the colder weather that affects your body, there are many reasons as to why your muscles may be stiff and sore. Your body goes through a lot on a daily basis whether that is walking the dog, commuting to work or going to the gym, this can leave your mind and body feeling tired.


When your body is not feeling its best, a great way to relax and de-stress is by having a massage. Now not everyone has the time to book in for a professional massage or go to a spa. So what else can you do to relax? You can use a  luxury massage oil and ask someone to help release any tension from your back, legs or wherever is causing you aches and pains.


At Scentered, we believe you can help ease any aches and pains in the comfort of your own home with the right techniques and products. In this article, we will show you how you can re-create a sports massage at home and help release any tension and knots. A sports massage digs deep into your muscles and tissues to ease and release any pain.


How To Set Your Home Up Like A Spa

An at home spa is a great way to relax and de-stress without having to pay out and go to a spa. Also, you can re-create it anytime you are wanting that little extra TLC and restoration.


Prioritise Comfort And Warmth

Make sure that the home spa is set up in a place that is comfortable, relaxing and calm. For true relaxation make sure to focus on comfort and warmth as they are the main factors in helping to create a relaxing environment.


Ambience Is Key

For the ultimate at home spa, focus on lighting as it helps create a relaxing spa vibe and sets the mood. This could be natural lighting for some and low lighting or darkness for others. Eye masks are a great way to help create a sense of calm and shut the outside world out for a little bit. 


What Are The Benefits Of A Sports Massage?

There are many great benefits that come from having a massage and the knots worked out of your back or shoulders.


Here are some of the reasons why a massage can help improve your physical wellbeing:


  • Reducing stress and increasing relaxation
  • Reducing pain and muscle soreness and tension
  • Improving circulation, energy and alertness
  • Lowering heart rate and blood pressure
  • Improving immune function


How To Do A Sports Massage At Home

Re-creating a deep tissue massage at home is a lot easier than you think. It is mainly about warming up the muscles and applying enough pressure to release tension and requires three things, someone who is willing to massage your sore muscles, massage oil and a comfortable warm spot.


To begin with, apply the calming massage oil to your hands and warm it up before getting to work. When focusing on the back use broad strokes as this will help spread the oil. To apply the right amount of pressure you can use your hands, arms, and body weight.


Using your hands gently work the oil into their skin. However, before you apply too much pressure you need to warm the muscles and help them to relax, otherwise they might tense up. Gentle strokes and gliding will help warm them up and then you can move on to the deep tissue sports massage.  Use your whole hand to rub and work over the area with the oil and gradually apply more and more pressure.