Have You Felt Stress and Anxiety around the Pandemic and Debt

woman stressing on her desk

Have you felt stress and anxiety about debt during the pandemic? You are not alone. COVID-19 continues to leave us all feeling a bit worse for wear and unmotivated with very little hope for the near future. We have all endured at least one lockdown, if not multiple, and battled periods of stress and anxiety that have dawned on us - these dejected periods have most likely occurred more often than not. This may also be because the pandemic has caused a lot of financial strain on us, and even forced many us into unpredictable debt. 

Recent research conducted by the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed (IPSE) and digital bank, Starling, which assessed the impact of the pandemic on the UK’s self-employed, showed that over 1.05 million of these had been forced to take on credit card debt as a result of their financial struggles. 

Despite these problems being caused by something out of our control, finding solutions are at the forefront of our minds. Combined with the stress of actually trying to have the motivation to get all of our work done and maintain a structure to our day, we may now find it even more challenging to relax. This is why now, more than ever, it is essential to incorporate a few relaxing and de-stressing activities into our routine to improve our mental activity further and increase alertness. Lower anxiety will also help us focus on other tasks and aspects of our lives.

5 Ways to De-Stress

You may already have a few things that you do to calm your mind when you’re feeling especially stressed out. Some of you may also have a little routine that you love to indulge in once or twice a week to help clear and restart your mind. For those of you who don’t, or are looking for new ways to relax, we’ve got a few suggestions that you may want to try out next time you want to calm your stress and anxiety around the pandemic and debt.

Doing Some Yoga

Physical exercise is always recommended as a method to decrease stress levels. But sometimes, many of us may not feel as though we have the energy needed to complete a workout. This is when yoga comes into play. Not only will you stretch out all the tension in your body that contributes to stress, but you will also focus on your breathing and mental state, allowing a form of meditation. Try a short beginner’s yoga flow; if you’re new to yoga, and see how your body benefits physically and mentally.

Listening to Music

Playing your favourite songs, or some calming music, when you’re feeling particularly anxious or stressed out can help bring a sense of serenity to your mind. Use this at the start of a routine to set a calming mood.

Lighting Therapeutic Candles

Lighting therapeutic candles is one of our favourite ways to de-stress. Not only do candles transmit amazing scents that will help you relax, but the physical flame (especially in the dark) can help stimulate a sense of calm and sanctuary. Try our DE-STRESS Aromatherapy Candle to transport you to another world.

Taking a Bath and Giving Yourself a Pamper

When stressed, pampering yourself helps to distract your brain as you are physically doing another activity, which will not have much mental strain. Combine this with some calm, relaxing music and candles, and you have an ultimate de-stress environment perfect for when you need a pick-me-up. Perhaps light a candle too? 

Try the Scentered DE-STRESS Balm

Our DE-STRESS Aromatherapy Balm can be used throughout the day to give you a few moments of tranquillity when you may not necessarily have enough time to go through a whole de-stressing routine. With chamomile as one of its key ingredients, as well as other refreshing essential oils, the DE-STRESS balm will help decrease your stress and anxiety. Try using the balm as part of our recommended Wellbeing Ritual:

Stop - apply the balm to your wrist, temples or neck.

Inhale - breathe in the applied balm, and appreciate the moment that you now have, just for yourself. Try to think of the new relaxed state you will enter, and how you wish to engage with the rest of your day.

Reset - exhale as you move on to the next part of your day with a new sense of calm.

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