4 Ways To Overcome Travel Anxiety

woman applying aromatherapy balm in the street

The world has really gone and thrown us some curveballs over the last year or 2, the pandemic had most of us feeling trapped and sometimes isolated, so the prospect of going holiday should be exciting - however the reality is that the vast change has left many of us feeling anxious about not just holidays, but travel in general.

We’re here to help, we’ve come up with our top 5 tips to help you overcome your travel anxiety, so you can get back out into the world again and feel like yourself.


Plan For Your Anxiety

If you are someone who often experiences period of anxiety, then let yourself be at one with it. If you know that travelling will make you feel anxious then allow yourself extra time to get ready, catering for an extra 30 minutes to allow you to relax, light a candle and practice some breathing techniques.

The Travel Essentials Aromatherapy Balm Duo is the perfect travel buddy. Apply the SLEEP WELL balm to your pulse points, these include your neck, wrists and temples. Follow the Scentered Ritual and stop, inhale and reset, taking time to breathe in the essential oils and pay attention to your breathing.

After the SLEEP WELL Balm, gently apply the FOCUS Aromatherapy Balm to your pulse points. This balm is infused with essential oils to direct your mind and boost concentration, so you say stay focused on remaining relaxed whilst travelling. Take a moment to inhale and exhale, after practising mindfulness your mind and body will be prepared to travel.

Pop the Travel Essentials Aromatherapy Balm Duo in your bag and set off on your journey. If you can feel yourself getting anxious, gently rub the balm into your wrists to help you re-centre. These are great for taking away with you if you’re staying in hotels too!



Visualize Your Future

It may seem simple, but visualise your future. Will you regret not taking that journey? If it’s a family holiday and the children are raring to go, will you regret not making the memories? It may sound simple, but these thoughts can help you to rationalise your feelings and weigh up your priorities.

If the event isn’t that important to you then don’t pressure yourself to go, but if it’s something you’ll regret missing out on then it’s time to develop some coping mechanisms to help you through your travel anxiety.


Avoid Triggers

Anxiety often stems from feeling like you’re not in control, so it’s time to give you back the reins! Take time to plan your route, if you’re flying then make sure you arrive early, plan where you can go for a coffee, bring a magazine and relax. If it’s a train or bus journey then plan your stations, get the earlier train to avoid added time pressure, as this may heighten your anxiety.

Write the details of your journey down, carry it with you in your bag, so that you can rest assured knowing that you have planned for the unexpected, and that you are aware of your surroundings.
 4 Ways To Overcome Travel Anxiety


Take A Travel Companion

A travel companion can help put your mind at ease, if you’re travelling to work, perhaps opt in to the work cycle scheme or car share with a colleague. 

Conversation and a trusted friend will help to relax you and distract your mind, hopefully travel anxiety will become a distant memory and you can soon build yourself up to travelling alone.

We hope these 4 steps will help you to overcome your travel anxiety. It is not something that will happen instantly, so relax, practise mindfulness and trust the process, you’ll be enjoying a margarita in the sun in no time!