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It works for me and I have tried everything!

Lovely little stocking , just right for the mini balm.


My daughter was so pleased to get these they were a surprise for her.
She's been having a tough time recently.
So these will make her feel a bit better.

de stress

I have got 2 of these for gifts on offer and was surprised how nice and lovely packed ,I know my friends will be really pleased thanks scentered..

Lovely smell

Lovely smell still waking up but will keep trying have bought a bigger sleep well balm


I used this for the first time last night and instantly fell into a relaxing sleep, really fantastic little product 👌

Love this product

I had a free sample of the ‘Happy,’ and was so impressed that I purchased 2 of the balms, ‘Happy’ and ‘Sleep.’ I love them, I smile continuously at work and sleep really well. In my opinion, even if it’s psychological, they absolutely work and smell lovely. I know what my friends are getting for Christmas.

Love Escape!

First received as a special gift, I now have to keep buying it for myself. It’s on my Christmas list!

Brill customer service as well.

I havent opened them, as they're gifts, but I've used the balms before, so I know they're great.

The packaging got wet in transit to me, but as soon as I emailed them about it, they sent me out new ones, and a return label for the wet ones! Brilliant service, thank you!

Aromatherapy Mini Balms
Sandra Paterson

Bought as a present so not used

Love it!

I ordered a sample of the sleep well balm, and I have to say, it is amazing! Beautiful scent, easy to apply, and definitely helps with falling asleep. I put a small amount on my temples and my wrists at bed time and it gives the most calming aroma. I would definitely recommend.

Aromatherapy Mini Balms
karen fiona fowler
De-stress 1.5 balm

I love the smell of the balm but didn't feel there was anything that helped with my stress using the pulse points, which I overly covered. However I also used it in between my nostrils and felt an improvement. It wasn't massive but did help.

De-stress Body & Hand Wash
Annette StAngelo
A nice scent after standing at the sink

I have my set right by my kitchen sink n I used never remember to moisturize my hands so now when I come in from outside before I start cooking I use the wash and cream up when I’m done washing the dishes so it’s just lovely and calms me so!!!

Aromatherapy Mini Balms
morena balzanelli
Lovely scent , easy to use

I ordered a 'Happy' solid perfume. It is a lovely uplifting scent, easy to use and non messy. It disappeared into my skin instantly and lasted for a few hours . I would now buy other fragrances .

Happiness has never smelled so good

It's such a pleasant scent and so handy to keep in your bag or pocket. Love it.

DRAFT Balm And Candle Escape Set

Great smell but a little pricy

Not as good as I expected

I found the fragrance very weak,I could hardly smell it. However it did help me sleep somewhat so it does work


In the past sleep has eluded me often getting only 3-4 hours of exhausted desperate rest, but since starting to use the sleep balm in more relaxed & drift off earlier & sleep deeper

The only scent that helps me sleep

I’ve tried many products to help me get to sleep and this is the only one that works! I bought one in a cute mini Xmas stocking and loved it. This is the only sleep aid product that I would suggest! Honestly works!

Aromatherapy Mini Balms
Marie Thompson
Great smell

Used the sleep one. Smells great but scent didn't last too long. Might buy not sure.

Sleep well balm

Loved this really helped me to relax

So handy!

What a fab idea, we recently went away for a couple of days & took my escape candle with me in this travel pouch …

Minimal scent, underwhelming, and expensive

As someone who is scent-sensitive and easily overpowered by aromas, I was more than disappointed to find the scents too mild to really enjoy.

Lovely packaging/tin, and the scents are natural and pleasant, however the scents are minimal as though barely a drop of essential oil was added. Not the part to have skimped on and

I foolishly bought this and two full size scents online and regret the expensive lesson, however my my 9yo niece loved it.

Wonderful sleeps at last 💤

Having struggled for many years to go to sleep and stay asleep, I was absolutely thrilled to receive a free sample in my Hello Fresh food box. I was sceptical at first but I’m always willing to try anything new & natural to help me sleep better. The results have been amazing and I have gone on to purchase the proper size version. My sleep is 100% better, I now wake in the morning feeling well rested and ready for the day. Thank goodness for that initial free sample 😍 I would highly recommend this product to anyone who may struggle like I did to switch off at night-time and I will definitely be buying more in the future. 👍 Now to find something for my aching knees

Lovely aromatherapy

I recieved the sleep well and de-stress mini balms very quickly after ordering online. They come in a lovely little card case and are super cute! I popped a little note in for customer services with my order and they were really lovely. Thank you for that! The balms themselves glide onto the skin easily, a little goes a long way, they smell amazing, and I've already used these to help me relax at bedtime and as a way of grounding myself when I'm becoming dysregulated during the day. I dont think they are a cure-all for insomnia sadly but they help as part of a aleep routine and a distraction and grounding strategy. Thoroughly recommend!