Unlocking Happiness: The Power of Smiling with Scentered

Unlocking Happiness: The Power of Smiling with Scentered

We know that often amongst the hustle and bustle of modern life, it’s easy to overlook the simple yet profound act of smiling. A smile, however, is not just an expression; it’s a potent tool that has the power to transform our mental, emotional, and even physical wellbeing. We want to home in on the science behind smiling. Research in psychology and neuroscience has long established a myriad of benefits of smiling.


When we smile, our brain releases neurotransmitters like dopamine, endorphins and serotonin often referred to as “happy hormones”. These chemicals not only elevate our mood but can help reduce stress levels, alleviate pain, and strengthen our immune system. Also, smiling is contagious! The sight of a smile can trigger mirror neurons in others, leading to a bundle of positive emotions and fostering social connections. In essence, smiling is a form of communication that predates language barriers, fostering empathy, trust, and cooperation!


But what role does smiling play in Scentered’s approach to wellbeing?


Aromatherapy is at the heart of Scentered’s offerings, creating products that contain essential oils to promote relaxation, emotional balance, and positivity and happiness! Crafted to stimulate the senses and evoke positive emotions, applying our balms encourage those feel-good feelings, especially with the uplifting scents of our Happy Blend which includes scents designed to make you smile:

Embrace our Happy Scent with:

• Grapefruit: Uplifting

• Lemon Myrtle: Energising

• Spearmint: Positivity

Our uplifting citrus and mint blend delivers an instant burst of positivity and is perfect when expressing moments of gratitude.

Apply the balm or light a candle, inhale, and smile, be taken back to a happy moment or take a scent memory by using your scent during a happy moment. Next time you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and short on smiles, take a moment to pause, inhale deeply, and let a smile illuminate your face.