The #ScenteredSleep Challenge

bed and sheets

Summer has officially come to an end and autumn has well and truly arrived. October is a month full of change; the weather becomes colder, the coffee shops bring out their pumpkin spiced lattes and everyone slowly slides out of their summer dresses into their chunky knits. There is Halloween to look forward to, Guy Fawkes Night around the corner and the festive season creeping ever closer. October is a busy month so to be productive and fully enjoy the Autumn season it also has to be a month where you make plenty of time for sleep, rest and relaxation.

Here at Scentered, we are setting you a challenge for this October. The challenge is simple: to get more sleep. Over 70% of the British public have admitted to having less than seven hours of sleep a night. It is recommended that to be productive the following day and to function both mentally and physically, 8 or more hours of sleep is necessary per night.

To achieve this, it is up to you to create a nightly routine that will allow you both the time to go to bed earlier and the ability to relax before bed so that you get the best night’s sleep possible and stretch out those valuable hours of snoozing. Here are three top tips that might help you to complete our Sleep-tober Challenge:

 To Do Lists

If you have a long list of tasks to do building up and consuming your headspace, treat yourself to a new notebook and get into the routine of writing lists. This means that you are not storing everything in your head to remember for the week and instead it is filtered onto paper. At the end of the day, what is more satisfying than crossing completed tasks off your list. You will slide into bed with more headspace and a pure sense of completion. 

 Switch Off From Your Gadgets

Whether it’s doom scrolling through Instagram or the latest Tiktoks on your phone or replying to last minute emails on your laptop, switching off from your gadgets when you get into bed will do wonders for gaining those extra snooze hours. This is because the bluelight emitted from smart phones or tablets can disrupt the production of melatonin, the chemical the body needs to fall asleep. Although, if you really can’t tie yourself away from your phone before bed then at least turn on your night shift setting. This automatically shifts the colours of your display to the warmer end of the colour spectrum after dark which is proven to help you get a better night’s sleep.

Burn a Candle

Just before you fall into your fluffy pillows and crawl under your duvet after a long day, take a minute to burn a candle for 20 minutes before you drop off. We recommend our brand new Sleep Well Candle which has a floral lavender blend, setting you up for a long, restful night’s sleep. Curl into bed with your favourite book and let the aromas fill the room and relax you.

Apply Balm

Half an hour before you go to sleep, apply your Sleep Well Therapy Balm to your pulse points. The therapeutic Lavender blend will help you fall fast asleep, leaving you feeling refreshed and calm in the morning. 

Good luck to you all with our #ScenteredSleep Challenge!

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Happy sleeping!