Our Wellbeing Booster Box has returned in time for the colder and gifting season!

Our Wellbeing Booster Box has returned in time for the colder and gifting season!

We know that entering the latter half of the year can see colder climates and darker evenings, and with shorter days this can be hard to cope with. We appreciate that everyone copes in their own way and with our box full of well-being boosters it is perfect to ensure that it’ll help you and your family and friends if you are kind enough to share your goodies to get through the busiest time of the year.

Forget the expensive beauty advent calendars, full of miniature single use products with excessive amounts of packaging with all the smaller sizings! We’ve put together a box of balms, candles and aromatherapy products that you can use to create self-care routines to get yourself or a loved one feeling tip top! 

We have given you the solution to your Christmas Gifting by creating the ultimate box of presents. There’s a lot to choose from, you can share the love and use as gifts, tackling the Christmas shopping in one go. This box is the seasons must have! Embrace the season of wellness, love and sharing.

As Christmas is just round the corner, shop now and make it as stress free as possible. As we all know that this time of year is special, filled with presents, food and spending time with loved ones. So let us help you as at Scentered we understand that shopping for the masses can be stressful in a time that should be relaxing! 

Why is gifting Aromatherapy better than other wellness and beauty products? Well unlike other products there are key benefits: 

  • Can boost your energy levels (needed throughout the busier and stressful times!) 
  • Helps to ease your anxiety and balance moods (stressful moments with family politics over who cooks what?!) 
  • Restorative and inducing peaceful night’s sleep  
  • It can also help you concentrate on tasks during the busier moments.  

Hampers are wonderful as a thoughtful touch as a present. Find your solution and great Christmas gift ideas for women, this could be your mum, sister, friend or even work colleague.  

Valued over £260 it is packed full of our bestselling aromatherapy balms, candles, and accessories, all in one beautiful box! It is the perfect solution to help you prepare for treats in the festive season and in preparation for the darker nights and colder moments. There are enough gifts to treat yourself and still have enough left for loved ones! 

The box contains: 

  • 5 x Aromatherapy 5g Balms (all blends except Escape) 
  • 1 x Escape 5g Balm in Bauble 
  • 6 x Mini Aromatherapy 1.5g Balms 
  • 5 x Aromatherapy Travel Candles (one of each blend) 
  • 4 x Scentered/Popmask De-Stress Eye Masks 
  • 4 x Scentered Felt Christmas Stockings 
  • 1 x Silk Eye Mask 
  • 1 x Silver Pouch 
  • 1 x Travel Pouch 
  • 1 x Cloth Bag 
  • 1 x Pair of Slippers 

Gifting in 2023, is done and helpful with our box at a time where financially it can often be difficult to stretch the purse strings to shop for everyone with one purchase. Worth over £260, we’re giving it all to you for just £99 with a saving of over 60%. Hurry and order before they’re gone. 

Perfect treat for Mum to give her the chance to relax and have some much needed me time. As we know that Mums tend to be on their feet all Christmas. So, gift her something to help a moment of peace and tranquillity with an Aromatherapy Balm. 

After a crazy year in 2023, you can now put your feet up and relax once the wrapping is done. Get your solution right here with Scentered.