How To Stay Organised at Home and At Work

woman checking documents in bed

Our life is made up of habits; they are our ‘default’ and the things we rely on when we are going through the motions of the day. Incorporating productive habits into our everyday routine can help you stay organised without even realising it. With the unpredictability and craziness of life, staying organised can free up your time, money, mind, and help the planet in the process. At Scentered we have written down our top 5 tips on how to get organised and stay organised in your home life and at work...

Make your bed when you wake up

I’m sure we’ve all heard of the book ‘Make Your Bed’ by William McRaven, and if you haven’t, it's definitely worth a read! Making your bed may sound like a relatively pointless task, after all… we are only going to mess it up again in a matter of hours? But getting up and making your bed isn’t just about your room looking tidy. You’ve not even gotten dressed yet and you have already accomplished something, and completed a productive task. So, tomorrow when you get out of bed, apply your Focus Aromatherapy Balm, make your bed and see the difference in how you feel. This will start your day off on the right track, ‘start as you mean to go on!' 

Write everything down

With the craziness of day to day life, our brains are constantly whirring with things we’ve got to get done; do the laundry, send that email at work, post this, pick up that… This can result in sleepless nights and a day feeling like a headless chicken. The answer? Write it down! Creating a To Do list will allow you to empty your mind of all your tasks and see them written down. This will allow you to be organised and balance work and home life. Long gone will be the days when you have to rush back to the shop because you forgot something or be fretting at night about a work task you’ve missed. Save time, save petrol and save your energy. Oh, and it also feels amazing when you get to tick something off! 


There is some truth in the saying ‘tidy space, tidy mind’. After all, nothing makes you feel more disorganised and flustered than a cluttered home and work space. With Spring just around the corner it could be time to add ‘Spring clean’ to your list. If you have a home or office that is filled with bits and bobs, you may find that keeping it organised and clean is a constant struggle. Unless something has a purpose or brings you joy, think about recycling, gifting it to someone who will use it or donating it. Tying in with this is buying less stuff. Next time you see a sale, ask yourself ‘do I really need this?’. Treating yourself occasionally is okay, but bringing items into your home and work space where you don’t have a place to put it will only make it harder to stay organised. 

Meal plan

Whether you work from home or the office, meal planning is an amazing way to stay organised. Next time you go to do your food shop, go armed with a list and a full stomach. Shopping whilst you’re peckish will lead to the impulse buying of Pringles and other snacks (we’ve all been there!). Meal planning will also reduce food waste, e.g. if you are buying an ingredient for one dish, is there another dish you can incorporate this into? Planning meals and prepping lunches to take to work will not only save you time and money, but it also reduces food waste and consumption of single use plastic. You will be doing your bit for the planet as well as yourself.

Reward yourself for tasks accomplished

Organising your home life and work isn’t the funnest way to spend your time, but a habit that will make your day, week and even year run a lot smoother. So make sure you reward yourself for organisational tasks you’ve completed, after all, life isn’t all about work. For example, every two tasks completed treat yourself to your favourite smoothie, or read your favourite blog. Taking breaks and rewarding yourself will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed, do you need another excuse?