How To Care For Your Skin From Within

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With the start of the New Year comes New Year's resolutions and at Scentered our resolutions are all about self-love and self-care. Especially at the beginning of the year when life can become particularly hectic, self-care is even more important. You may have a backlog of work from Christmas, ‘me time’ is a fond distant memory and you are still trying to regain a sense of routine and balance. This can mean we neglect our bodies when we need it most! 

The appearance of our skin should be important to all of us and not just for vanity reasons. Our complexion is a window into our inner health, so if it’s not looking great, all is not well on the inside. That is why we have partnered with our friends at Bare Biology to find out more about their wild and sustainable collagen supplement that will help you look and feel healthy inside and out!

With a long list of celebrity fans, it’s no wonder collagen has become one of the hottest beauty buzzwords right now. But what is it? And can it really make a difference? Before you head out and buy another unnecessary (and expensive!) face cream, read on to find out why nourishing your skin from within is best. 

So, what is collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. It’s often referred to as ‘the glue that holds us together’ and is famous for its skin benefits. It also offers support to our muscles, bones, fingernails and hair. It’s even found in the cornea of our eyes! 

Do I need collagen or does my body make its own?

If ‘Time After Time’ by Cyndi Lauper was your jam as a teenager, it’s time for collagen! Natural collagen production begins to decline at a rate of about 1% a year in our mid-20s and goes rapidly downhill in our 40s and 50s. This natural decline is responsible for the fine lines and wrinkles (and often the sunken look) that we worry about. A good quality collagen supplement can help replenish your supply.

What are the benefits and how long does it take to see them?

Ever wondered how Jennifer Aniston defies time? Her love for collagen may have something to do with it.

Marine collagen powder has a nearly identical chemical make-up to skin. Scientists believe that the presence of these amino acids in the bloodstream tricks the body into thinking there’s been a collagen breakdown. Believing that repair is urgently needed, it stimulates your body to produce more collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Many studies have reported several benefits, particularly on skin, when subjects took a collagen supplement for between 8 and 12 weeks.

How do you take it?

One of the great things about collagen powder is it’s super versatile and easy to fit into your everyday routine. You can bake with it, add it to hot drinks, you can even make ice cream! We love popping Skinful Marine Collagen Powder into our lattes in the office. If caffeine isn’t your thing, you could try mixing a dose into some overnight oats, click here for our favourite recipe. So sit back, light your favourite Scentered Aromatherapy Candle and treat yourself to your favourite warm drink or snack knowing you are looking after yourself, inside and out. 

Bare Biology’s Marine Collagen Powder Skinful is sourced from wild, certified sustainable cod skin from the clean waters of the North Atlantic. Every batch is tested for heavy metals and the results, along with the full amino acid profile, are published on the website. Find out more here.