How Scentered's Packaging Has Changed to Become More Eco Friendly

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Modern life can be demanding and at times hectic and stressful for many of us. We at Scentered appreciate the demands of everyday life and recognise the importance of your wellbeing. We believe, now more than ever, in promoting eco friendly, natural and mindful approaches to help you find balance sustainably. When it comes to finding time for yourself in your busy schedule, we also think it’s important to be considerate of the environment with the products you choose. With Scentered, you can now find your own daily rituals and the right aromatherapy products for you in a more eco friendly way. From our ingredients to our packaging, our aromatherapy products are ideal for wellbeing. We believe we can help you become less stressed, more relaxed and more focused now in a more eco conscious daily routine.  

Eco Friendly Aromatherapy Candles

Sourcing ingredients locally and only importing when necessary is one of the many ways we aim to be more eco conscious with our products and packaging. It is important to us where our ingredients come from and when making our aromatherapy candles, we only use 100% natural ingredients and preservatives. We don’t use binders, boosters or any synthetic ingredients which tend to be found in other less eco friendly brands.  

For our aromatherapy candles, we choose to only use natural plant based, sustainable waxes which are combined with minimal beeswax. We like to avoid using paraffin wax, keeping to the root of our natural approach as paraffin has been known to have some potentially harmful compounds. The harmful components in paraffin wax can derive from petroleum, oil shade or coal which cause an off black soot which can be harmful and stain surfaces. All our Scentered products are 100% natural and our ingredients are only naturally derived.

With the stresses of everyday life at work or family responsibilities, indulge in some time to yourself with the natural, clean and non-toxic burn of our ESCAPE candle. Reset with 100% natural, oil based blends that help you transition to a more relaxed state of mind, helping you to escape the stresses and experience some essential ‘me time’ helping you to feel happier in your daily routine.

Sustainably Sourced Aromatherapy Balms

Bring the benefits of aromatherapy and mindfulness to your every day with natural floral fragrances and therapeutic blends that use the science of essential oil therapy in uniquely practical and portable balms that are mess free. Aromatherapy on the go doesn’t have to be greasy or from leaking bottles.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and range of aromatherapy products with invigorating blends. We pursue only the finest and sustainable ingredients. Our balms are 100% natural and our essential oils are sourced from reputable farmers which aims to avoid creating over-farming and depletion of natural resources. Find and create your own personalised daily ritual helping you throughout different points in the day. When it comes to our aromatherapy balms, they don’t just have to be for relaxing. Start your day with our FOCUS balm that is ideal for helping you multitask for those busy days at work so you can be the best you can be. Boost concentration and help direct your mind throughout the day whenever required.

Eco friendly packaging

Everything we do with our packaging, down to the shape of our packaged products and printing has the environment in mind. Sustainability is important to us and we aim to minimise the use of any non-recyclable products and avoid the use of printing on foil which can disrupt the recycling process. To ensure your products arrive safely, we use recycled shredded paper, whilst limiting any excessive packaging or wrapping which may lead to unnecessary waste.

We understand and consider the materials we use when it comes to our products, including whether we use post consumer recycled plastic or previously recycled paper. When using bubble wrap and outer boxes, we aim to reuse as much as possible. When it comes to transporting and storage, we aim to maximise the use of our space.

All of our balms and candle use eco friendly packaging that is recyclable, are animal-cruelty free and of course that means we don’t test on animals. We use only natural preservatives and ingredients that are both eco conscious and healthier for you and our environment.