How Scentered is Developing a Sustainable Brand Culture

panoramic view of a country side road

As you may know yesterday, 22nd april was Earth Day, a day where we celebrate the World's environmental movements however big or small and remember that we can all do our bit every day to save the Earth. This year marked the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and the theme was climate action.

So at Scentered we thought we’d share how we have built our brand on a sustainable ethos and made changes along the way to make our culture earth friendly. 

Our Packaging

When in packaging and shipping we avoid the use of foil print which challenges recycling; we also re-consider the need for any dying and varnishing of card and paper. Our outer packaging is kept to a minimum and therefore not we are not wasting over-packaging. We use boxes that can be re-purposed or recycled, and we reuse all bubble wrap and outer boxes where we can. In our packaging process we measure intelligently the shape and sizing of our products to maximize pallet space too. 

We consider and understand the materials used in all of our products and whether these can be made from PCR plastic (post-consumer recycled) or already recycled paper and we utilise shredded paper that is already recycled. Whilst we ensure products arrive safely with the customer, we make sure they haven’t been extensively over packaged and wrapped leading to additional unnecessary waste. We also make sure they still look presentable and a joyful experience to open. 

We import what makes sense and source locally where viable. We store cleverly not wasting trans-shipments of goods and by making quality outer boxes for empty packaging and carefully applying tape (or not taping) to close the boxes we are able to reuse these boxes for finished goods, allowing a longer-term saving on making another heavier weight outer for all our finished products. Clever huh?

Re-using empties 

All Scentered packaging is carefully designed and considered so it can be repurposed, reused or recycled. We aim to take from already recycled materials, such as our 100% recycled plastic bottles used for our body and hair care products, or by simply utilising naturals with a sustainable source. We ask you to join us on our mission to reduce waste. Why not reuse the candle glass to store jewellery, skincare essentials, or keepsakes. Our boxes can be used as drawer organisers, desk tidies or receipt holders. The possibilities are endless!

Encouraging others to be sustainably minded

Next time you are with friends and family, spend time outdoors in nature and appreciate everything the earth gives us, and how lucky we are to embrace it. If you have young children, take a look at our recent blog post of things to do to make your kids think more sustainably. If you shop with Scentered, you can rest easy knowing we are doing all we can to be sustainable and friendly towards our planet, and if we all do just one small thing we are one step closer to a healthier planet.