Aromatherapy Rituals For Deep Sleep

man sleeping

Are you struggling to switch off after a busy day at work? Or are you just looking to bring a deeper level to your sleep? Carrying out evening rituals where you switch off your technology and indulge in some self-care can help to achieve this. Using aromatherapy and essential oils can add even more to these experiences by providing another dimension to your escapism and promote calmness in your mind and body. 

Aromatherapy rituals to use for massage 

You do not need to book an expensive therapist at a local spa to treat your muscles and your skin to a massage. Taking the time to massage your own body, or getting a partner to help, can become an important part of your bedtime ritual. This self-care bedtime ritual will help you to relax, switch off from your day and fall into a deep sleep. Particular areas to target if you have a demanding day job or are sitting down in an office all day are your neck, shoulders, lower back and feet. Essential oils and scented candles can elevate this bedtime ritual by using aromatherapy oils that promote a deep sleep. Lighting our Sleep Well Aromatherapy Candle that has notes of lavender, chamomile and sandalwood or rubbing these scents directly onto your pulse points using the Sleep Well Ritual Aromatherapy Balm can create that feeling of a luxury spa in your very own home, as well as inducing an atmosphere perfect for a deep sleep. 

Aromatherapy rituals to use for meditation 

Meditation is a bedtime ritual that really works and can benefit your sleep quality. It allows you to quieten your mind of all the stresses and anxieties of daily life, and instead, focus on the feeling of the here and now. However, to be effective meditation needs to be done right and in a quiet, dimly lit and peaceful atmosphere. About an hour before bed, find a dark and quiet place to begin and set out an area where you can either sit or lie in a comfortable position. Lighting an aromatherapy candle that is designed to help you switch off can add a deeper feeling of relaxation by releasing calm inducing scents such as frankincense in our Escape Aromatherapy Candle, designed for positive visualization. Once you are comfortable, quieten your breathing by inhaling the scents of the candle deeply and slowly, and focus only on the action, feeling your body lulling into a restful and sleep filled state, filled with happy imagery. 

Aromatherapy rituals to use for yoga

Yoga can oftentimes be associated with an awkward and frustrating practice, but with the help of essential oils you can turn it into an evening ritual perfect for putting you in a state ready for a deep sleep. A great essential oil to achieve deep sleep is Chamomile, an essential oil in our De-Stress Aromatherapy Candle and by lighting this next to your yoga mat a few minutes before you begin with the lights dimmed low, you can promote a calming sensation and an ambient form of lighting for an all over stress reliever for you mind and body. Another way to add aromatherapy oils to this evening ritual is rubbing some of our essential oil balms on the center of your mat. Whilst you are carrying out some of the more difficult moves, as your face moves closer to the mat you will get a waft of your calming scent to make it all the more relaxing. Our Escape Wellbeing Ritual Aromatherapy Balm that is filled with Sandalwood for strengthening is perfect for this evening yoga ritual. 

The benefits of using aromatherapy rituals for your evening routine

By carrying out these aromatherapy rituals before bedtime and using these relaxing scents to promote deep sleep, you can start to create a scent association whereby you associate these particular scents with a peaceful state of being. This can be used in everyday life to induce a feeling of calmness where you might not be able to carry out these rituals. Scentered has travel handy products such as our Sleep Well Aromatherapy Balm which can be rubbed onto pulse points during your busy day to remind you of how you felt in those moments of peacefulness. The Scentered Balm is also travel safe as there is no risk of leaking or spillages!

At Scentered we offer a range of different scents and aromatherapy oils. Lavender and Chamomile essential oils are particularly well known for promoting relaxation and sleep, but what might be relaxing for one person, might bring back negative memories for another. Whilst experimenting with which evening rituals promote the deepest sleep for you, also experiment with which scents work for you as well. A candle that helps you sleep, might not help another person sleep. At scented there are the Sleep Well, De-Stress and Escape collections that all offer candles and scented balms that are ready for you to experiment with to find your perfect blend.