Aromatherapy Resolutions, Wellbeing Pledges, Dry January, New Year New You. All a little overwhelming!

Aromatherapy Resolutions, Wellbeing Pledges, Dry January, New Year New You. All a little overwhelming!

As we settle into January, the air can often be thick with possibilities and the promises of fresh beginnings. New Year’s resolutions, although often made with the best intentions can be challenging to hold up as the year progresses. This year at Scentered, we are inviting you to join us in embarking on a journey of wellbeing with a pledge (smaller and more attainable than your regular resolution). Our aromatherapy guide will show you how the power of scent can not only enhance commitment, elevate your mood and help you along the way to achieving your wellbeing pledge. 

Some tips that we at Scentered have found to help us: - 

Create a space to be able to reflect and Stop.Inhale.Reset ® 

When setting realistic resolutions is the first step towards making changes. Light your de-stress candle and take in the notes of chamomile to calm you, mandarin to sooth you and your mindset, and neroli to uplift you. These will all help to set your mindset on the right track and promote relaxation. 

Infuse your motivation with some citrus scents: 

Citrus is known for its invigorating properties that can help boost energy levels and motivation. Citrus can help calm your system with a hot lemon tea or some orange juice for Vitamin C. All great for your body’s wellbeing. 

Whether your pledge involves including maybe a healthier lifestyle or looking towards a new career path. With the happy blend you can do just that. The uplifting citrus notes of Grapefruit can deliver an instant burst of positivity and is perfect when expressing moments of gratitude. Inhaling these vibrant scents can help you stay focused and enthusiastic about your pledges. 

One thing we understand is that changing routine can often take on average of 66 days to establish a habit. But by creating your own daily rituals with help of aromatherapy can reinforce commitment and be enhanced due to the wonders of scent memory. Scent memory is formed due to odours that take a direct route to the limbic system, including the amygdala and the hippocampus, the regions related to emotion and memory.

For example, through use of peppermint in the morning can kick start your day with a burst of freshness and helping your pledge be more attainable but also transform aromatherapy to be a pleasurable part of your daily routine. 

Combating January Stress with calming scents 

Stress is a common obstacle to the success of any pledge that we make to ourselves. With scents of lavender, chamomile and frankincense all renowned for their soothing properties. In hope that by managing your stress effectively thanks to these notes you will feel more equipped to stay on track with your wellbeing pledge. 

Positive reinforcement through aromatherapy can create a sense of accomplishment and motivate you to continue striving for success. 

In the everlasting pursuit of self-improvement can often be tricky. But let aromatherapy be your steadfast companion to keeping your pledge to yourself. Because after all we deserve to take time for ourselves. By interacting the power of scent on your wellbeing journey you can create a supportive environment that enhances focus, motivation and promotes personal relaxation.  

As you Stop.Inhale.Reset.® this 2024 may you find this period of the year motivational and transformative thanks to the power of aromatherapy.