What's the Hype Around Clary Sage?

clary sage

What is Clary Sage?

Native to the Mediterranean Basin, Clary Sage is a flowering herb that thrives in high temperatures. Clary Sage is also known as Salvia sclarea, or goes by the name of “eye bright” or “clear eye” thanks to its traditional use in treatments for eye health. However, more recently, Clary Sage is being studied for its benefits to our overall mental and physical health, including its powerful effects as part of an aromatherapy treatment. To extract this beneficial oil, Clary Sage is taken from the buds and the leaves of the plant, releasing a refreshing and clean scented oil. 

What are the benefits of Clary Sage essential oil?

1. Promotes mental clarity

In aromatherapy, Clary Sage is a powerhouse for improving mental function. Deeply inhaling its fresh scent can improve your productivity and mental focus. This makes it the perfect addition to our FOCUS Balm. 

2. Relieves mental fatigue

If you are feeling sluggish, having a writers blog or just need an added boost when you are suffering from the effects of mental fatigue, inhaling Clary Sage can prove more effective than a cup of coffee. Next time you find yourself reaching for the coffee machine, instead try applying your Scentered FOCUS Balm to your pulse points and inhale deeply.

3. Stress reduction and antidepressant

A 2010 study found that Clary Sage was one of the most effective essential oils at relieving stress. The researchers of the study concluded that Clary Sage can be an effective treatment for depression thanks to its close link to the feel-good hormone dopamine. No wonder we love Clary Sage here at Scentered!

As well as its mental benefits, Clary Sage is also known to be physically beneficial too. These include having antibacterial properties, lowering blood-pressure, reducing menstrual cramps and alleviating symptoms of menopause. 

How to benefit from Clary Sage

One of the biggest questions is can you put Clary Sage directly on skin? Whilst essential oils are extremely beneficial, applying essential oils directly to the skin can cause irritation. It is recommended to add 6 drops of essential oil to 1 oz of carrier oil such as coconut oil. This gentle dilution will allow you to apply essential oils such as Clary Sage directly to the skin to reap its benefits, whilst still being gentle.

For an easy way of applying Clary Sage to the skin, here at Scentered we have created our FOCUS Aromatherapy Balm. Formulated with Clary Sage, our FOCUS Balm aids in relieving mental fatigue and promotes mental clarity. To help compliment Clary Sage we have also formulated our Balm with Rosemary to increase alertness and boost memory and finally Mint to help stimulate mental activity and increase focus on cognitive tasks. These 3 essential oils are combined together using carrier oils such as beeswax, moringa oil and sunflower oils in an easy-to-apply balm, safe for rubbing onto your pulse points. Our Balm also makes them easy to carry with you throughout the day. Simply pop it into your purse and feel safe in the knowledge that split bottles of essential oils are a thing of the past.

Other popular ways of benefiting from Clary Sage scent include Clary Sage sticks or a Clary Sage burner. 

Scentered’s Clary Sage Ritual

Here at Scentered, one of our favourite ways to reap the benefits of essential oils is through our Stop, Inhale, Reset Wellbeing Ritual. If you find yourself needing a boost of focus, simply stop and apply your FOCUS Aromatherapy Balm to your pulse points. As the temperature of your skin warms your Balm, the awakening aromas of Clary Sage, Mint and Rosemary will fill your surroundings. Close your eyes and slowly raise your wrists to your nose and inhale deeply. As you inhale, the essential oils will be absorbed into your bloodstream, triggering your limbic system. When you reopen your eyes, you will feel your mind being stimulated with focus and alertness, ready to step into the next part of your day with purpose and without mental fatigue.