Reflecting on 2021

bath tub with petals and candles

The year of 2021 truly has been a year of change and growth for many of us. With last year being filled with uncertainty and lots of us having to change up our normal routines, we found ourselves finding times very unpredictable. However, 2021 brought about an air of new possibilities and promises. As things began to open back up, we started to go back to work, see people we loved again and even began attending events once more. So, as we reflect on these changes, we wanted to see how our business has grown and evolved over this year.

Our Work With Coppafeel

In 2021, we were delighted to have worked with Coopafeel, an amazing Breast Cancer Awareness charity. The charity’s mission is clear. ‘Our goal is to give everyone the best possible chance of surviving breast cancer.’ We worked together with them on our three month campaign ‘Show Your Boobs Some Love’. For this exciting partnership, we donated 10% of our sale prices from our ‘LOVE’ collection to Coopafeel. We also encouraged people to form their own ‘Boob Squad’, which meant that multiple people in a friendship group made a commitment to remind each other each and every month to check themselves over, using the Coopfeel method. We also asked our customers to sign up to the charity's Text Reminder service, which meant that they could be reminded monthly by Coopafeel when it was time to check themselves again. 

Introducing Refills!

Here at Scentered, we are always focused on sustainability and how we can make our products more environmentally friendly. In 2021, we introduced our refills for our candles, which were growing increasingly popular. Now, instead of buying your favourite scented candle when you’ve used yours up, you can purchase a refill instead. 

To reuse your candle glass with the candle refill, simply place the cold finished candle and glass in your freezer overnight. After, using a spatula, gently pop out the remaining wax which is at the bottom of the container. Then, wash the glass and dry thoroughly. Remove the refill from its packaging as instructed and place it into your glass. It’s a simple and easy way to decrease your own carbon footprint, whilst still being able to enjoy your favourite, relaxing candles. 

But wait, that’s not all! We also introduced our refills for our De Stress Aromatherapy Balms, which again, are a more sustainable option when it comes to replacing your used balms. To replace the old with the new, simply unwrap the hygiene seal of your unopened balm and slide the full cartridge into the now empty cardboard base tube, which your old balm would have been in. Then, push and twist firmly down until you feel it slot into place. Finally, replace the original lid, then you can continue using your balm like you had been before. 

Venturing Into Body Oils

Another big step for us in 2021, was our venture into the body oils category. With our feet already firmly planted in the aromatherapy sector, we knew that bringing forward scented oils that you could enjoy in the bath and shower, would be the perfect addition to our site. 

For example, our SLEEP WELL Wellbeing Ritual Oil for Body, Bath & Shower, is perfect for those moments where you need to relax your body and quieten your mind. To use, pour a small amount of oil into a warm bath and allow the essential oils to create a calming atmosphere around you as you lay back and breathe deeply. Alternatively, you can also apply the oil to your palms before stepping into your bath and shower, then raise your hands to your nose and inhale deeply. Our oils help you calm yourself, as well as nourishing and moisturising you if you massage into your skin after bathing. 

Reflecting On Your 2021

Whilst our company has grown and changed, we are sure that you too have had a lot of growth this year. As 2021 draws to a close and we are waiting on the excitement of Christmas and New Years, remember to sit back and reflect on what’s happened throughout this year. Taking a step back from the madness of everyday life and looking at everything you’ve accomplished, experienced or enjoyed will leave you feeling extremely excited for another amazing year ahead.