How to Properly Look After and Get the Most of Your Candle

How to Properly Look After and Get the Most of Your Candle

We all know the simple lighting of an aromatic therapeutic candle can transform your living room, bedroom or most likely now your at-home office. Especially during the winter, candles can add a cosy touch to your space as well as a hint of luxury to our evenings. That's why it's essential to treat them right and make sure that you get the most out of the candle! 

All of our Scentered Aromatherapy Candles are hand-made lovingly to provide you with hours of therapeutic joy. Made from pure essential oils and sustainably sourced natural wax, our candles allow for a clean burn and a natural fragrance that isn't too overpowering. To keep them looking and working their best (and safest), here our top Scentered tips on how to properly look after and get the most your candle.

Look After Your Candle and Trim the Wick

Before you rush into lighting your candle for the first time, remove all packaging and place it on a level, heat resistant surface. Before and after each burn, trim the wick to 1cm. By trimming the wick, you make way for a lovely clean burn. Have you ever bought a brand new candle only to watch its glass jar turn black and smoky? This will prevent it from happening again, so tip number one is always trim the wick!

How Long to Burn Your Candle For The First Time? 

If you're lighting your candle for the first time, let it burn for a minimum of 2 hours. By doing so, you allow an excellent memory burn and make sure that the wax melts right up to the edge of the glass. As a general point, don't let your candle burn for longer than 4 hours, to avoid smoke and a high flame from forming.

After this initial burn time, shorter burn periods are best to get your therapeutic candle's most aromatic fragrance bursts.

Keep Safe When Using Your Candle

First thing's first, make sure your candle has been placed in a suitable position for it to burn (no fire hazards please!). Have a quick scan to check for any flammable items nearby such as curtains, as well as other heat sources. If you have children or pets, make sure the candle is out of their reach, and ensure you don't leave the candle unattended. Another important note is to ensure that the flame never touches the outer container when it is burning. 

Safety is essential, and it means you can fully enjoy the fragrant serenity that your therapeutic candle provides. You can read our full safety instructions here.

How to Snuff Out A Candle

Although the natural move here would be to blow out your lit candle, don't use a candle snuffer instead. A candle snuffer prevents hot wax sprays that come with blowing candles out. 

How to Store A Candle

Proper storage of your candles will help retain their unique, gorgeous fragrances for longer. Consider buying candles that come in their own tins or glass jars such as our aromatherapy candles because these always retain their scents for longer, and allow for easy storage. If you store your candle, be sure it is in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or intense light. Keeping it in the dark place like a cupboard or box will protect it from fading and discolouration.

We hope this has helped you learn more on how to use and look after your candle properly so you can amplify your Scentered experience. Make sure to keep up-to-date with our latest aromatherapy candles via Instagram @iamscentered or sign up to our newsletter for the latest news and offers.