Give your old Scentered candle jars a new life

plant in an candle jar

We at Scentered not only encourage you to lead a more mindful and balanced life, but also believe that we have to look after the planet we live on by adopting a more sustainable lifestyle.

It may sound like a daunting task but making a start couldn't be easier. Instead of creating more waste once you've finished one of our therapy candles why don't you reuse the empty jar and create a new purpose for it- be it as a vase, make up or cotton bud holder or to store your favourite stationary in. Below is a quick guide on how to remove excess wax from your jar to get you going because remember we only have one Earth and one chance to keep it alive, so let’s make it count. 

Makeup holderCotton Buds holderPen pot made from a candle jar

How to remove the remainder of the wax from the jar:

• If you have a clean burn to the candle, you should be able to tap the jar very gently and the remainder of the wax will simply full away in one piece.

• Alternatively, freeze the jar – place the candle in the freezer for a few days to freeze the wax. The wax will then shrink away from the sides of the jar and you'll be able to gentle remove the remainder from the sides with a butter knife.

We'd love to see what you create with your candle jar, share you photos by with @iamscentered over on Instagram and Facebook!

Happy re-purposing!