Find out how #Scenteredsoulmate Christina stays centered

Fitish Scentered Soul Mate

‘I was once told that if all of my energy was resourced carefully, I can generate enough energy for a small village.’

This quote from health, fitness and food blogger, Christina aka, our #ScenteredSoulmate of the week, is the perfect way to sum up this bundle of positive energy and one of our favourite girls on Insta. Christina describes herself as the definition of a multi-tasker, hence why Scentered products have become her go-to product for relaxation and reflection.  

Christina is of course best known to fans of her blog and Instagram followers as FITish. She prides herself in projecting ‘reality’ on social media, having a genuine love for fitness and health and is determined to educate people with an emphasis on a realistic outlook for setting goals and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Christina’s focus on reality is an attitude that the Scentered team love and are inspired by, so we couldn’t wait to get to know her a bit better and share our catch up with you all… 


Where is your happy place?

Growing up I always wanted to be a dancer, but I never got the chance to take lessons. I was too busy with my musical instruments and my endless list of extracurricular activities. Now, my happy place is anywhere where I am dancing, surrounded by many friends. I love going to events where the music is so loud I can feel the base vibrate my heart, where I can just close my eyes and dance my heart out and let the music move me. I wouldn’t really call it my happy place, but my happy situation.  


You are “Instagram famous” which inevitably means feeling the pressure of getting likes all the time - how do you get away from it all and manage to stay centred?

Instagram famous? That’s not me! I’m not famous yet, but I hope to be one day. I go through waves of obsessing about why I’m not growing faster, or whether people are interacting with my content.

I then have to take a minute to step back and realise that I created the blog for myself. Having FITish has helped me through so many hard times and it has pushed me to hold onto my goal of leading a healthier life. I have achieved sharing the reality of my journey, instead of always being frustrated by what the media thinks is ‘healthy’. The way I deal with it, is to keep true to myself.




Have you got a daily night-time routine?

My life is so hectic. I teach at UCL, work in the office, run FITish, go to the gym and present at exhibitions. As a result, my life has very little routine and essentially revolves around trying to keep up. My morning routine consists of blasting music and madly trying to make it to work or the gym on-time. However, my night time routine is more about winding down, about slowly shutting down from technology. I have recently started a technology ban in my bedroom, and deliberately charge my phone at the opposite end of my bed which I have to say has made a huge impact on my sleeping habits. I also like to light candles before I sleep, that way I reduce the brightness in my room and just allow myself to stop the loud stressed voice in my head. If I’m feeling sore from the gym I try to do a 15 minutes yoga session to just relax my muscles and sets the perfect place to sleep.


What’s your favourite way to use Scentered?

Ever since I have started using the mindful minis set, I have taken extra care about when I use which balm. There is something so sensual about remembering smells and how that relates to how I feel. I have suffered from anxiety since I was 13 and, with time, I have learnt how to deal with panic attacks or calming myself when feeling overwhelmed. I love using the Focus balm at work, the Escape balm when I walk home and the Sleep Well balm before bed. Everyone has to remember to be mindful of how you feel for a few minutes, take a minute and remember to centre yourself. It’s that simple. 


What would you tell your younger self today?

Enjoy life, your career is important, but so is living! Live more freely, hold onto the people that make you feel happy and dance more!


What do you do to keep the winter blues away?

Embrace winter. I grew up in a warm country, and I still struggle with the winter months in London. I keep myself active and busy which definitely helps. I have also recently purchased some very comfortable clothes, fluffy slippers and a fluffy warm robe. They are the best things to slip on when you are lying in bed in the morning before you are struck with the hectic life in London, or in the evening after a busy day. You can enjoy some down time, drink warm tea and just enjoy the softness against your skin.


And lastly any words of wisdom?

Self-care is so important. I went through a few years when I was working harder than I could handle. Living life from deadline to deadline became a norm, and life is just too beautiful to miss out like that.

Take a few leaps of faith here and there. I used to always take calculated decisions but more recently I have taken a few leaps of faith, made a few unlikely decisions and they are honestly transforming my life.