Are Candles Sustainable?

sustainable candles lit

Candles are a huge global industry and part of a billion-pound market. It’s no wonder because there’s nothing quite like an aroma-filled candle to create a relaxing ambiance after a long, taxing day. But have you ever considered what your candles are made from? And whether or not they’re sustainable? As we grow ever-more aware of the importance of meeting our needs without compromising Planet Earth and future generations, sustainability has become the new buzz word.

Are Candles Sustainable?

It’s a good question isn’t it? And of course, some are made from sustainable materials, and some are not.

For many years, paraffin wax was the only option when it came to buying a candle. It did the job, burned well and no-one really questioned what impact it was having on the planet. Unfortunately, crude oil, the origin of paraffin wax, is a fossil fuel and isn’t sustainable. That’s because it comes from a non-renewable resource. Not only that, but it’s also been the cause of many disastrous oil spills, damaging habitats and has been linked to climate change.

Fast forward to the 21st century and we’re all that bit more savvy about sustainability and for the most part, are willing to make some changes. The key to improving sustainability across the world is about getting people to change their daily habits. If it’s not something you’ve paid much attention to before, it’s time to sit up, listen and take some action. One thing we can do is become more aware about the sustainability of products and materials that we buy. If we want our children, grand-children and future generations to experience the wonders of our natural world as we have, then it’s not an option. It’s a must.

Scentered’s Approach to Sustainability

Sustainability is top of our agenda here at Scentered. All of our packaging has been cleverly designed so that it can be repurposed, reused or recycled. We always aim to take from already recycled materials or utilise natural ingredients and materials with a sustainable source. To find out more about our mission to reduce waste, click here.

Sustainable Aromatherapy Candles

It took two years, a lot of sleepless nights and a labour of love to create our candles to our satisfaction. The reason it took so long?  We wanted to perfect our 100% natural, high performance, plant-based wax, in which to carry our pure essential oil blends. Our custom, plant based wax blend is made from renewable, sustainable and biodegradable sources, and includes a small amount of beeswax. An added benefit is that this also emits negative ions that clean and purify the air at the same time.

As a result, we’ve avoided using toxic paraffin wax or any of the boosters, binders or other synthetic ingredients typically used by other candle manufacturers. When you light a Scentered candle, you’ll notice how it offers a beautifully clean, natural burn that is non-toxic and without soot or smoke, allowing you to re-light your candle over and over again. 

It doesn’t stop there. A lot of thought was put into the packaging of our candles, ensuring that the attractive glass candle jar can be reused and repurposed in a multitude of ways. From storing jewellery, skincare essentials, or keepsakes to using as it as a small vase or a centrepiece, you can get creative. And if it does make its way into the recycling bin? (We hope not!) Glass is a fully recyclable material so it can be used over and over again, saving raw materials and preserving natural sources.

Choosing your Scentered Candle

We’re proud to say that our candles contain the maximum level of essential oils. This ensures you’ll receive a truly therapeutic experience. Light one of our candles and fill the room with mood boosting fragrances. 

Our HAPPY candle has an uplifting citrus and mint blend which delivers an instant burst of positivity, helping you to reset your mood for the rest of the day. 

ESCAPE is a great one to use when it’s time to shift from what you “have to do” to doing what you “want to do”. This grounding blend instantly transports you mentally to “me time, whether that’s during a lunchbreak, a yoga class, meditation or a good book. 

Our DESTRESS candle is a soothing blend, that helps you juggle throughout the day, keep calm and unwind after a long day.

LOVE is your go-to when you’re feeling emotional or on edge, need a hug or some self-care, and when you feel disconnected from others. 

SLEEP WELL is the ideal sleep aid, quietening the mind and promoting a better, deeper quality of sleep. You’ll also awake feeling well-rested and give yourself the best chance to start the day on the right foot. 


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