The benefits of deep breathing

Deep breathing benefits

Hearts beat, eyes blink, lungs breathe. With everything that flies at us on a typical day, it’s actually rather nice that there are certain things we just don’t have to think about. But some eyes need glasses, hearts need love and so it's only natural to suggest our lungs may sometimes need a little help too.


How deep breathing affects our bodies 

So let’s talk about breathing. Deliberate deep breathing is a powerful tool that provides numerous positive health benefits. A quick Google search and you can read all about how deep breathing does everything from reduce stress and anxiety to improve blood flow and increase energy. Subconscious shallow breathing can also have detrimental effects on our bodies; this can develop because of an underlying health condition, in which case you need to see your doctor, or as a symptom of stress or anxiety. If you want an idea of the perfecting breathing technique, just take a look at a newborn baby; they will happily and naturally practise deep breathing.

Our last blog addressed the power of linking scent to memory, and when you layer on the process of deep breathing, it’s like adding that extra shot of espresso to your latte. When you can go beyond simply “smelling” and incorporate deep, meaningful, powerful breathing, from the very bottom of your diaphragm, the benefits are magnified. 


Aromatherapy and deep breathing techniques

Combining aromatherapy with deep breathing is a powerful one-two punch. When you take those opportunities for quality “me time”, try rubbing Scentered’s ESCAPE Balm on your wrists or lighting an ESCAPE Candle, and while slowly inhaling and exhaling, appreciate the gift of taking this important time for self-care. Whether your version of “me time” is a yoga class, indulging in a cooking magazine or a walk in the park (one of our team members uses her “me time” breaks away from her toddlers for kickboxing lessons), punctuating these precious moments with a scent to highlight those positive thoughts will help reinforce the benefit of these nurturing activities.

Then at a later time when you want to recreate that feeling of contentment but can’t afford the time, by using ESCAPE again while thinking about your “me time” activities, you have the power to transport your mind and emotions back to those moments of nurture.  

I hope that this information proves useful and you now have a better insight into the practises of deep breathing and it's benefits. 
Be Well,