New Year's Resolution Check In: Have You Tried Aromatherapy To Help Build Your Habit?

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As January comes to a close, we want to look inwards and see how our New Year’s resolutions are coming along. If you haven’t had time to check in with yourself yet and how your goals are going, now is the best time. In this article, we will be looking at how to revise our aims and how, if you’ve already given up on your resolution, you can pick them back up again. 

Time To Check In

It’s time to check in with yourself. How are your New Year Resolutions going? We have just passed ‘Blue Monday’, which, if you didn’t already know, is the third Monday of every January. Infamously named, this day is the most common for people giving up their resolutions and reverting back to their old routine. 

A good way to prevent yourself from falling back into old habits is to check in with yourself on a regular basis. If you’ve managed to make it back the daunting January blues and are still on track with your new goals, then now is a good time to remind yourself what they are. 

It’s actually been proven that one of the number one ways to stay on track is to write down your aims and then, at the end of every month, to remind yourself what they are. This will keep you set on what you are looking to achieve this year. So, let’s take this time to all check in together and review our main goals for 2022!

How To Use Aromatherapy For Memory Triggers 

Here at Scentered, we are big believers in using the power of smell when it comes to reminding ourselves what we are looking to achieve. Using our sense of smell has many benefits, including triggering our memories. 

When writing out your resolutions, we would recommend using our Focus Therapy Balm, which with it’s invigorating blend will aid in directing your mind and boosting your overall concentration. Also, this balm is 100% natural and can be chucked in your bag if you are on the go, with the guarantee of being completely mess-free. 

Apply this to the back of your neck, forehead and wrists to create an air of concentration around you whilst you map out how you are planning to complete your goals for 2022. 

Also, another top tip which works well for remembering those all important resolutions, is to bring your balm to every session in which you are checking in with your goals. By smelling the same scent every time, your brain will align the two events and it will trigger a memory response. Go on, give it a go!

How To Get Back To Your New Year Resolutions

If you are one of the victims of ‘Blue Monday’ or just the January blues in general, you may be looking for a way to get back to your New Year Resolutions. Well, we completely understand how you feel. Building a healthy habit can look completely different for everyone and for some, it may take longer and a lot more effort than others. This can mean that giving up can seem like an easy option - but with a few top tips and taking a few steps to make your journey more realistic, it’s never too late to get back to it!

So, how do we get back to them? It may seem like a daunting task to get back to your goals, especially if you really aren’t feeling the New Year. Why not try reading through or reassessing your goals from the beginning of January? Many people give up on their resolutions, because they are either too much or just unrealistic. If this sounds like your situation, have another look through. You may find that you can simplify the more difficult ones. For example, your goal could be ‘go to the gym everyday’, when this made it seem less hard by changing it to ‘go to the gym every Monday’ or ‘go the gym twice a week’. Remember, that although New Year’s resolutions are about becoming a ‘better you’, it doesn’t mean that you need to put unnecessary pressure on yourself.  Or maybe, you’ve just set yourself too many goals. It could be the case that you’ve put together a long, long list of resolutions and that’s why you have given up on them - there is just too much to think about. Have a go at whittling them down and giving yourself five at the very most and see if that makes your list seem less impossible.