New Parents: Getting Your Sleeping Schedule Back On Track

An alarm clock, helping a woman wake up in the morning

Knowing how to sleep better as a new parent is vital for not just your wellbeing but your baby’s wellbeing too. A healthy parent makes for a happy and healthy child.

Sleep deprivation for new parents is difficult but also inevitable so finding ways to manage it is essential.


How Much Sleep Do New Parents Get?

If you go by what science says you need you may feel scared and worried because you’re lucky to get three hours of shut-eye before you are woken up by your little baby.

Trying to achieve 6-8 hours of sleep may not be realistic as a new parent but trying to get into a sleeping schedule as soon as you can is an important task to try to tackle.


Sleep Tips For New Parents

Finding the time to get a full eight hours can be tough as a new parent but aiming to get better sleep is a way to try to counteract the full-on sleep deprivation. It is all about finding ways to help sleep and aid in your relaxation.

Here are some natural sleep remedies to help parents get the restorative night’s sleep that they deserve:


Make Your Home A sanctuary

Being a new parent is stressful enough, combine this with no sleep, a chaotic house and dirty dishes piling up.

Don’t stress about the little things, try to keep on top of what you can and make your house a zen and peaceful safe space. This will help to relax you and your baby.

Light a candle, fluff your pillows and keep a fluffy blanket nearby at all times for the all-important power naps.

When you’re relaxed you will find tackling things a lot easier, and it can help you in finding those quiet moments to get your head for a restorative and refreshing nap or night’s sleep.


Aromatherapy Will Be Your Saving Grace

Aromatherapy and sleep go hand in hand. It can help you to relax and find these few vital moments of rest and recuperation. Before bed breathe in the nourishing essential oils from the sleep well balm, pop it on your wrists and inhale deeply to help you find some peace for a few hours.


Carve Out Some ‘Me Time’

As a new parent, you will find it hard to take the time out to focus on yourself and your own needs but try to make a conscious effort to make time for some self-care.

Remember to pamper yourself, even if it is for twenty minutes when a friend pops around or when your partner is giving them their evening feed.

Relax your body and quieten your mind with the sleep well ritual oil, it can be used in the bath, shower or on your body for a soothing massage.

It has the perfect blend of essential oils, to relax and calm your mind and prepare you for a blissful restorative sleep. ​

If you’ve got the time, have a hot bath and pour the oil into the water so the essential oils can work their magic and help you to find some peace and calm in amongst the craziness of your new life.

Maybe you only have fifteen minutes, you can lather your body in the oil and step into the shower, you will feel the amazing effects but it can easily fit into your life as an on-the-go new parent. Perfect to relax your mind and body before bed, without having to leave your baby for too long.

Switch Off From All Devices

Make an effort to cut down on screen time and prepare for an early night. You can’t try and stay in your old routine before the baby arrives. You simply will not get the hours of sleep your mind and body desperately needs.

Try to sleep when your baby sleeps, when you put them down for the evening, get into bed and try to get a few hours before they need a feed or some cuddles.