How to Start a Morning Wellbeing Ritual at Home

morning aromatherapy routine

At Scentered we believe in the importance of mindfulness and finding your desired state of mind through scent and aromatherapy. When it comes to finding your own wellbeing ritual at home, it all begins with your morning. Waking up early and starting your morning can sometimes be stressful and you may even feel reluctant to begin your day and your own wellbeing ritual. We believe it’s important to take the time for mindful moments for yourself and find your desired state using our invigorating scents found in our essential oils using our balms and candles. Scents act as mental triggers which can help you begin your day and transport you to each desired mindset throughout the morning and day. Bring aromatherapy to your everyday life and begin your daily journey with this example for your wellbeing ritual at home and be more productive in the morning. 

How to wake up early

Your own wellbeing ritual starts with an early rise to give yourself time to wake up, stretch and breath. Start to then think about how you want to approach the day and how you want to feel. Do you want to feel excited and productive? It’s important to wake up early as part of your morning wellbeing ritual so you can begin making the most of the day. To help you wake up early, start by stimulating your senses by applying our HAPPY balm directly to your wrist, neck and temples. Experience the citrus and mint blends that help you feel uplifted with positivity. We believe these fresh and invigorating scents are ideal for helping you express your morning moments of gratitude.

Our HAPPY candles are also perfect for your morning boost, made from a custom blend of sustainably sourced and natural waxes with essential oils for a natural fragrance. Light and inhale deeply the citrus and mint blends with purpose from your candle, trigger your positive mindset and picture what you want to achieve with the day.

How to be more productive in the morning

Each of our balms and candles are specially designed to help you transition from mindset to mindset, providing flexible aromatherapy for the everyday. Sometimes it can be a challenge to be productive in the morning and throughout the day. To help boost your productivity, use our portable FOCUS balm which is also great when you are pressed for time and need to boost your concentration. Our FOCUS balm is essential oil based and 100% natural and is designed so it won’t leak in your bag and is mess-free. Use this balm as part of your daily morning wellbeing ritual and be more productive in the morning and throughout the day.

To help you take control over the morning’s and upcoming daily tasks that life throws at you, use Scentered’s DE-STRESS balm and candles to help you juggle your responsibilities. Incorporating this balm can help you keep calm and remain in control over your life. You can also light our DE-STRESS candle and experience a soothing blend of scents from natural waxes and pure essential oils for a natural burn. Then take the time to reset and exhale deeply so you can move on to the next part of your day.

Your own wellbeing ritual

Scentered is all about experiencing mindfulness throughout your day using our “stop, inhale and reset” wellbeing ritual. When it comes to starting your own wellbeing ritual at home, make sure your morning starts with your mindfulness in mind. We believe scents can help you rise early to start your morning and continue to help you throughout the day to transition to each mindful state. We believe it’s important to repeat daily to help you remain mindful, happy and calm.  You can enjoy and use our balms on the go or take our portable candles with you for the rest of the day. Find the scent that helps you with your morning, feel happier and find your own wellbeing ritual with our guide.