Do Stress Relief Candles Work?

do stress relief candles work?

Do stress relief candles work? Yes they absolutely do. Using a stress relief candle is one of the most effortless, natural and effective ways to feel instantly calmer. 

What is a stress relief candle?

A stress relief candle is not simply a candle that has a lovely scent. An effective stress relief candle actually contains potent essential oils that have a physically calming effect on the body. Essential oils have been used for centuries for all manner of ailments. They have been used topically to treat issues such as acne, ageing and wounds, but also internally to treat ailments such as PMS, blood sugar levels and digestive upset. At Scentered our favourite way to benefit from the powerful effects of essential oils is through inhaling their beautiful yet powerful aroma, in the form of Balms and Aromatherapy Candles.

How do stress relief candles work?

When you inhale essential oils, you are not just simply filling your home with a natural aroma, but you are actually physically benefiting from the essential oils as they are absorbed into your bloodstream. The act of deeply inhaling essential oils also triggers your limbic system, the area of the brain that controls emotions, memories and sensory experiences. Each essential oil has different benefits…

For example, our best aromatherapy candle for stress release, Scentered’s DE-STRESS Aromatherapy Candle, contains three main essential oils; Chamomile, Neroli and Mandarin. Chamomile is a scent which is often used in tea due to its calming properties. However, inhaling the scent similarly promotes calmness in those who experience it. Neroli is another key essential oil in our stress relief candle as its scent is known to relax and uplift, just what you need if you are feeling a little tense. Lastly, Mandarin essential oil is added to our stress relief candle. This is known to soothe tension and support feelings of wellbeing.


How to benefit from a stress relief candle

Here at Scentered we have our own ritual that we love to use to make the most out of our Aromatherapy Candles and Balms. Our Well-being Ritual is something you can easily incorporate into your daily routine that can instantly relax and uplift your mind state.  When using an aromatherapy candle for stress relief, we recommend taking these three steps:

Stop: If you begin to feel yourself becoming tense or stressed, stop what you are doing and light your stress relief candle with purpose, to fill your room with mindful meaning.

Inhale: As the candle creates a clean burn, lift it up towards your face, deeply inhaling its aromas. As you do so, visualise the state of mind you wish to achieve in this moment. 

Reset: Exhale deeply, releasing any tensed muscles and step into the next moment of your daily journey feeling calmer and more grounded. 

As you repeat this process and incorporate it into your daily rituals, you will begin to associate the scents of Neroli, Chamomile and Mandarin with feelings of calm and serenity. This association is very powerful and can be benefited from throughout your day. If you are in a rush for example, simply apply your Scentered DE-STRESS Aromatherapy Balm to your pulse points and repeat this ritual on-the-go for an instantly calming effect.