10 Energy-Boosting Foods to Add to Your Diet

energy boosting foods

"Our bodies are our gardens to which our wills are gardeners.” ― William Shakespeare

 We all need to get some shut-eye in order to recharge ourselves for the coming day. A problem we previously discussed here on Scentered, however, is that sometimes we wake up feeling rather drained — even after a good night’s rest. 

If you've been in this situation before, you know that the first instinct would be to grab a cup of coffee. The problem with this is that the buzz we receive from it usually only lasts during the morning, and we'll find ourselves crashing just a few hours later. To combat this, a Harvard Health article suggests adjusting our diets instead to include food that can give us high levels of energy throughout the day.

With that said, here are some energy-boosting food items you should consider incorporating into your diet:



A quintessential part of a full English breakfast, eggs might not be the first thought that comes to mind when you think of a healthy diet. Yet, in a Nutrition Today study that reviewed the effects of protein found in eggs, researchers discovered that this makes it a great source of continuous energy. That's because it does not negatively affect one’s blood sugar, and therefore provides an energy boost without the side effects common in coffee.


cereal oats

How does a bowl of porridge sound? Hearty, definitely, but it’s also quite healthy due to its main ingredient: oats. These contain a generous amount of fibre, which supplies long-lasting energy. Moreover, oats will make you feel satiated, which will help you avoid snacking on a candy bar later on in the day.


chop avacado

These days you will find a plate of avocado toast in any trendy café. Don’t let this millennial favourite slip away from your diet though — avocados are filled with necessary healthy fats that your body stores for sources of energy. Additionally, they are also packed with invigorating B-vitamins.



A breakfast staple, bananas can definitely get you through the day with its energy-promoting nutrients such as fibre, carbohydrates, potassium, and vitamin B6. The benefits of this well-loved fruit, however, do not stop there. Bananas are also rich in Vitamins A, C, K, and E, which is why Pretty Me calls it one of the best fruits for glowing skin. The site notes how bananas can hydrate the skin “to keep it soft and supple.” Not only will a banana give you a much-needed energy boost, but it will also keep you looking fresh throughout the day.



We all know the cliché: “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.” This still holds today, thanks to the rich content of fibre and natural sugars found in an apple. Eating an apple can result in a slow yet sustained release of energy. On top of that, apples can serve as an easy and nutritious snack, since you can eat them on the go. 

Sweet Potatoes

sweet potatoes

Flavourful and filling, sweet potatoes have found their way back into our kitchen’s hearts as an alternative to its less healthy cousin. Indeed, nutritional data shows that one medium sweet potato contains 28% of the required daily intake for manganese — a mineral that helps produce energy. 



More popularly known for its cardiovascular benefits, this delicious fish can help you feel galvanised as well. Salmon reduces exhaustion felt in the body because omega-3 fatty acids help alleviate inflammation and make you feel much more invigorated.


almonds bowl

The choice snack for many, almonds are rich in B-vitamins and also magnesium. The latter is vital to maintaining energy throughout the day. Playing a hand in energy metabolism, magnesium has been found to help people avoid tiring out too easily.


woman kale

Kale is beloved among wellness enthusiasts, and with good reason. It is a superb source of nutritious benefits, with a very high amount of iron, which combats fatigue. Also, kale contains L-tyrosine, an amino acid that increases the production of dopamine — also known as the “happy hormone.”

Dark Chocolate

dark chocolate

With lower levels of sugar and higher quantities of cocoa, dark chocolate allows us to indulge while boosting our energy. The Telegraph reports that cocoa improves brain and cardiovascular health by increasing blood flow. Subsequently, this assists the delivery of oxygen to the brain and muscles, which will then heighten their functions. Last, but certainly not the least, chocolate simply smells sublime. Who wouldn’t feel energised?

Authored by Ariana Jane