How To Use Our Products

What Is Our Scentered Ritual?


Scentered’s “Stop. Inhale. Reset.” Wellbeing Ritual is about taking mindful moments for yourself throughout your busy day and using scent as a mental trigger to transition to your desired mindstate. When shifting from one desired mindstate to another, apply our Balms to your wrists, neck and temple liberally or light our Candles, inhale deeply and think about how you want to feel in the next moment.  Repeat throughout your daily journey, navigating between our six unique blends to support your mindful transitions.


Stop - Apply a balm directly to your wrist, neck and temples or light a Scentered candle to purposefully fill the room with mindful meaning.
Inhale – Raise your wrists or candle to your nose and deeply inhale, visualising the mind state you wish to achieve in this moment.
Reset – Exhale deeply as you step into the next moment of your daily journey


Wellbeing Ritual


How do you want to feel?

Scentered was created to provide a flexible, personalised system of daily rituals specifically designed to support you as you transition from mindset to mindset throughout your everyday journey.  Example daily ritual:

  • Starting the day using our HAPPY products while expressing gratitude increases your overall happiness.
  • Using our FOCUS products as you begin your busy day will remind you that you can accomplish great things, even when pressed for time.
  • Incorporating DE-STRESS as you begin juggling more throughout your day will keep you calm and in control.
  • When it’s time to shift gears from doing what you “have to do” to doing what you “want to do”, ESCAPE transports you mentally to “me time”, whether that’s a yoga class or a good book.
  • LOVE is a warm, romantic blend that stimulates the emotions to enhance sensuality and emotional connectivity. For when you want to feel connected to others physically or emotionally, or times when you need soothing self-care, it’s like a hug that you give to yourself.
  • End your day with SLEEP WELL.  Awake well-rested tomorrow by embracing this nightly bedtime ritual to help you drift off into restful sleep.  Delivers an alluring blend of lavender, palmarosa and ylang ylang to relax your body and quiet your mind.