Help! How do I stay focused at work?

Top tips on staying focused at work
Like many, you work hard yet you find it difficult to stay focused. Take a look at some of our top tips on how we like to stay focused here at Scentered.
    • Get organised: There are some great apps available to organise your time. We love using Todoist- an app that logs your list, allows you to categorise it and allocate deadlines – then like a PA it sends your daily list to your inbox each morning – magic! 
    • If apps don’t float your boat then a good old pen and paper work just as well, here at Scentered we don’t finish a day’s work without planning a list for the next day and prioritising the most challenging tasks. 
    • Get to know when you work best – it isn’t human to be 100% sharp all day long. Some people are morning larks and others come alive in the afternoon. Find your rhythm and then arrange your tasks accordingly. 
    • Pack your support tools each day. We rely on our aromatherapy (of course 😉 ), our healthy snacks, fresh flowers in the office and getting out for the occasional walk. Fresh air wakes up tired minds and breathes renewed positivity into our body. 
      • Pack in procrastination, it is your own worst enemy. As humans we often procrastinate on the tough stuff and then it starts to feel more and more daunting. Take it from us, getting into the habit of taking on those daunting tasks first thing each day can leave you feeling light and more productive for the rest of the day.

    • Exercise in the morning – win the battle of mind over matter for the first time that day by doing something that makes you feel great and which releases endorphins. Ride on the high when you arrive at work and feel motivated to nail that list.
    • Share your objectives with your colleagues – by sharing and verbalising them, you are more likely to complete them. 
    • Set an alarm – by setting a timer you can stay focused on the task in hand, knowing the timer will release you for other tasks as soon as it goes off. Trust us, it really works. In Scentered HQ we like to set a timer for ‘power hour’ towards the end of the day – we smash the last tasks on the list, put on some motivational music and then go home happy