Scentered’s Guide To DIY Christmas Decorations

christmas decorations

The countdown to Christmas has well and truly begun which can only mean one thing…time to get a Christmas tree, and most importantly, decorate it! Here at Scentered we of course love all things natural which is why we thought we’d share with you some of our favourite festive decorations that you can make at home without harming the environment.  Adding a unique touch to your festive home has never been easier!


Door Decorations:

Put together in minutes, these add a classy touch to any door handle.

You will need ribbon, pinecones (ideally collected from your garden or from a walk around the countryside) plus some silver or gold spray paint. Simply arrange them to your preferred size and look, tie the ribbon neatly around the bottom and find a perfect spot in your home to hang them from.

Christmas Door decorations


Rustic Twig Ornaments:

These are great fun to make and can bring the whole family together for a spot of arts and crafts. You can be really creative with this and make whatever festive shape you’d like. Take a look at Rebecca’s instructions over on her blog post: 

Our favourite is the snowflake. To make the Snowflake ornament, begin with 1 long twig and 6 shorter twigs of equal length. Lay the long twig up and down. Arrange smaller twigs around the longer one to form the snowflake. Begin attaching smaller twigs to large one in the center. Once all the twigs have been glued to the center of the longest twig, cut 16 tiny pieces to add embellishments to the end of each point on the snowflake. Attach these with hot glue. Wrap twine around the center of the snowflake to reinforce. Next decorate the center of the snowflake using sprigs of pine and berries and buttons. Cut a short length of twine, form a loop and glue to the back of the snowflake at the top for hanging the ornament.


DIY Christmas decorations


Etched Birch Snowflakes:

These look gorgeous hanging on a tree and are also incredibly easy to make. You will need an etching tool, birch branch, bow saw, drill and ribbon. First thing to do is to cut the branch into slices, the width of which is your choice. Use a pencil to draw the snowflakes on the cut pieces and then burn away. When the flakes are done, use the drill to make a hole for a ribbon. Finally, add the ribbon to hang, and they are ready for the tree.

We hope you enjoy making these, don’t forget to send us snaps of your decorations!

Love, Scentered x


Credits to:

Etched-Birch-Ornaments-7  - Amy Christie for Design Mom

Twig-Christmas-Ornaments - Rebecca at Simple as that blog

Pine-Branches-Rustic-Entrance - PHILIP FICKS