How Aromatherapy Can Help Students Study

aromatherapy for students

It’s been a hard year all around for students. No matter their age, pupils and students have had their education massively disrupted. Schools closed down and exams were cancelled whilst zoom lessons replaced the classroom. Covid testing for older students became the new norm, and some university students complained they were kept locked down on their campus and many disputed their university fees for the year. No one would argue against the fact that students have been hard-hit by the global pandemic. Yet, as educational institutions begin to reopen their doors, hope is on the horizon.

This generation will learn again. Many will strive to catch up. GCSEs, A-levels and degrees will once more require students to study and take exams. Anyone that’s taken a qualification in anything will understand the amount of work, and the pressure that is experienced to do well. Imagine how incredibly hard that is for today’s student after a year of upheaval, uncertainty and missed education. 

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Essential oils have been used for centuries for healing purposes and for mood transition. Simply put, they are plant essences, usually produced by steaming or pressing various parts of a plant to capture the compounds that produce fragrance. This could include flowers, bark, leaves or fruit.

Millions of people from a multitude of cultures across the world use essential oils to support their emotional well-being. Millions of whom report powerful benefits including:

  • Reduced anxiety or stress
  • Better relaxation and sleep
  • Calmer nerves 
  • More energy
  • An effect on mood 



Aromatherapy can play a role in supporting students day-to-day needs, to study and stay alert. Of course, studying for a qualification requires immense focus. Today’s climate of constant social media, screens and the feeling of always needing to be doing something, can make it hard for our young people to focus. Too much revision or worrying about exams can also wreak havoc on sleep. The build-up to a big exam can also be a hugely stressful experience for many. Aromatherapy is a tool that can be used to handle lack of focus, tiredness and anxiety. 


Aromatherapy to Focus

Apply our FOCUS Balm before you go into a lesson, at the start of a revision session, to refocus after a lunch break or when you’re about to take an exam. It can be used throughout the day whenever you need clarity of mind to accomplish goals and tasks. This stimulating balm is blended with Rosemary, used for millennia to increase alertness and boost memory, Mint to help stimulate mental activity and increase focus on cognitive tasks, and Clary Sage which aids in relieving mental fatigue and promoting mental clarity.


Aromatherapy for Sleep

If exam-nerves or too much revision is affecting your sleep, apply our SLEEP WELL Balm before bedtime to help you through it. Our sophisticated floral lavender blend harnesses the therapeutic benefits of Lavender, Chamomile, Palmarosa and Ho Wood, and balances them with Bois de Rose and Geranium. The Patchouli, Clove and Ylang Ylang heart brings a modern oriental twist. This powerful combination quietens the mind and promotes a better, deeper quality of sleep. You’ll also awake feeling well-rested and give yourself the best chance to start the day on the right foot. 


Aromatherapy for Anxiety

If it’s all getting too much, or you’re feeling completely overwhelmed, that’s entirely understandable. Make sure that you speak to someone about the issue so that you’ve got support in place. The NHS and Mind websites offer very useful information for students.   

To destress on the spot, try DE STRESS Balm. This soothing blend helps you to keep calm and in control. Apply to your wrists, neck and temples, then inhale deeply three times. The more regularly you use it, the quicker you’ll create a cue to relax. It’s also brilliant for unwinding and relaxing after a busy day of lessons, coursework, dissertation-writing or exam revision. It’s blended with Chamomile to promote calmness and Neroli and Mandarin to help soothe tension and support feelings of well-being. 

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