5 Work Wellbeing Rituals to Kickstart Your Monday

monday motivation

Monday motivation can be a hard thing to come by. Switching lanes from your weekend-self to your work-week-self can be a bumpy journey… but it doesn’t have to be! There are a few work wellbeing rituals that have helped us to find Monday morning motivation to kickstart the week, and can help you too...

1. Aromatherapy 

After a weekend of friends, family and ‘me-time’ it can be quite the challenge to switch gears and find that Monday motivation. If you find yourself waking up on a Monday morning zombified fumbling for the coffee machine, you are not alone! Many of us rely on caffeine to give us a boost at the start of the week (guilty!). However, this inevitably leads to an energy crash around lunchtime.If you find yourself stuck in this vicious cycle, we have just the thing… aromatherapy. 

Our essential oil infused FOCUS Balm is the perfect way to transition your mind state from the weekend into the beginning of your working week. Some even say it is “better than coffee”. Dare to try it out? 

For a dose of Monday morning motivation we recommend applying our aromatherapy Balm to your pulse points. Infused with Rosemary, Mint and Clary Sage, each essential oil will work towards increasing your alertness, boosting memory, stimulating mental activity, relieving mental fatigue and increasing focus. As you deeply inhale, each essential oil will be absorbed into your limbic system giving you that much needed helping hand with Monday motivation.

2. Make your bed

When you have spent the weekend (hopefully) slumbering and enjoying yourself, productive momentum can be hard to get going. This is why we recommend starting small. When you get out of bed on Monday, make your bed. This simple act will only take a few moments but will give you a little buzz from already achieving something before you’ve even gotten dressed. This natural reward system of endorphins will get you craving the next productive task, and the next... So by the time you get to work you’re raring to go. You’ll soon be brimming with Monday morning motivation!

3. Do something that makes you happy

Did you know that you are more productive at work when you are happy? (*shocked gasps*). What better excuse do you need to take a little moment for yourself. Even if it is only for 5 minutes, finding the time to do something purely for the joy of it will take away from the negative stigma of Monday mornings. Whether this is staying in bed for extra snuggles with your loved one, putting on the radio for a little boogie or a yoga session.

4. Remind yourself of your wins

When we are faced with a week of tasks and challenges ahead it can be easy to feel discouraged and overwhelmed. The last thing you need when you are trying to muster Monday morning motivation is feeling like you are constantly striving for the next thing… and the next thing. So next time you sit down at your desk on Monday, remind yourself of your wins. Think about what you achieved the week before and what a difference you individually made. This will help you feel purposeful, valued and most importantly driven to keep going with renewed enthusiasm. 

5. Sleep!

All of these things and other personal Monday morning rituals are hard to achieve on a few hours sleep and after only rising 20 minutes before you are due to leave the house. Getting a good night’s sleep is the crux of starting your week on the right side of the bed. A restful night's sleep will also contribute towards a more optimistic and proactive mind state. You will feel energised and ready for the week ahead, instead of simply stumbling into your day running on a caffeine high. Why not try our SLEEP WELL and FOCUS Balm Bundle?