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I am so happy for this because it is vary calming especially the smells
And beautiful outside

5 out of 5

It is super calming and the sent perfect 🤩 thank you so much for sharing this beautiful calming stick

Happy Places

I just love the effect this beautiful scent of ESCAPE has when I go to sleep or am just relaxing. Mentally it pops you into a total happier space. Thank you Scentered.!!

Love this set for my kids hair - so glad it’s back in stock!

Love Aromatherapy Balm
Melanie J CLEARY
Beautiful scent! 🌸m x

I received the Love balm in a mini size with some flowers bought for me and I was instantly in love! I keep it in my infrared sauna and once applied, fills the space. I then have bought the larger version which is heavenly. I have only knocked off one star ⭐️ as I don’t like the little plastic cover for the balm, it flops off too easily. M x

Aromatherapy Mini Balms

The Aromatherapy Mini Sleep Balms are really Lovely, they smell. gorgeous, and more importantly - they Work at helping me to sleep!! 😍💤💞

A lovely lotion

I bought this as a treat for myself. It smells amazing and is absorbed quickly (nobody wants a lotion that sits around being greasy). A bit expensive but I was in need of a treat.

Aromatherapy Discovery Set
Alison Heathcote
Gorgeous scents, a bit of a treat

I love these little balms, it’s so nice to have a different scent for every day. I rub the balm onto my wrists and inhale as needed. The scent lasts a long time. They could be larger though, each one could contain more product. I don’t think they will last very long so they were quite an expensive treat. I bought for them myself when I was having cancer treatment and thought they would give me a lift, which they do. S

sleep balm

absolutely love this but am a little concerned about the waste due to the design at the bottom of the stick. Perhaps you could look into this.

Most beautiful scent

I really love my Scentered Rose Patcholuli and cedar wood balm - it lifts my mood instantly.
I really love the write ups too on the effects of this balm.
Love the little tube it comes in and the protective plastic cap inside.

Good idea but expensive for what they are

After receiving a full size version of the sleep balm as a gift I went online to see what else was available. I thought these mini balms were a great idea but even though they are a little bigger than I expected, they are still tiny and not worth the price. Whilst the tin is nice, it isn’t big enough to be useful for much after the balms have been used so seems an unnecessary item that makes the cost higher.
2 of the balms gave me a headache after a few minutes (I tried them on several different occasions to make sure it wasn’t a one off coincidence) and 1 of them felt very grainy after a couple of uses.
The scent of the sleep balm seemed stronger than the full size version but I can’t comment on whether all of them are like that as I don’t have any other full size versions. Saying that, the scent of the mini balms now does not seem as strong as the first few times I used them.
Overall a good idea as they’re a good size to carry around in a handbag or pocket, but they’re too expensive for what they are. The photo shows the size of the balms compared to my thumb and the one on the right is fully exposed to show the amount of balm they contain.

Love Aromatherapy Balm
Amanda Stafford
LOVE balm

I received the love balm as a gift and adore the fragrance. Its beautiful, calming and the scent is lasting. I have very sensitive skin and was a little dubious to try it but the scent won. I was very suprised when I had no reaction to the product ( it actually leaves your skin feeling soft)
Can't wait to try some other products in the range.

Beautiful gift

Bought this for my friend's birthday. She loved it! A perfect gift for a wonderful friend.

Aromatherapy Mini Balms

These are fantastic and small enough to go in a pocket for a top up

Love this discovery tin - gives me a lot of choice in different scents.


I am currently using de-stress inside my daily face masks (my daughter has cancer) and am finding it so helpful in what is the most stressful and distressing situation.

Love these little gems

I’m delighted with my tin of mini balms…I love them so much I found a retailer in Australia and had a set sent to my daughter who lives there.
My favourite is Calm with its deeply rich fragrance. I’ll definitely be ordering the big size of that one.
The Love balm is gorgeous as is the Happy Balm. It’s great to be able to have the small versions of each type to be able to try. I’ve popped a couple in different places.
They’re fabulous for yourself but make the best gift, I’ll be buying some for my friends going forwards.
This is such a nice company too with a great Customer Service team who take pride in nurturing relationships with their customers.

Wonderful smell

This has become an essential part of my sleep routine lovely smell and I’ve slept really well since using it. This is coming every where with me when not at home.

Love Aromatherapy Balm
Jude Spencer-white

Absolutely love the smell.

I like to use the scents when doing different activities. The sleep balm is the best!

Gift Sets

I absolutely love the gift sets and have given them to friends for their birthdays! They love them too! Thank you x


Beautifully packaged with such attention to detail. Perfect little balms to take anywhere which smell glorious.

DeStress candle

Had these candles several times now, lovely salon feel perfect for filling the home with a comforting aroma

Aromatherapy Mini Balms

Haven't slept through the night in a very long time. Thought I would give the sleep balm a go, it smells great and really does what it says, my sleep pattern has improved dramatically. I ordered the trial size which has lasted ages, but I will definitely be ordering the larger pack. So glad I came across this balm

Aromatherapy Mini Balms
Joanne Lawley

Had the best nights sleep after using this, smells lovely aswell, I ordered a tester which is great so I will definitely be ordering again