Why Do We Use Clary Sage Essential Oil For Our Wellbeing Ranges?

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Who doesn’t love having some ‘me time’ and indulging in a spot of aromatherapy? The great thing is that it can be whatever you want it to be. Relaxing, de-stressing, mind-clearing, uplifting or escapist. These are just some of the moods or mental transitions that aromatherapy can help you to access.

It’s not all sales-baloney either because here at Scentered, we positively live by our belief that aromatherapy should be part of daily life. You’ll often see one of the team applying an aromatherapy balm, then stopping, inhaling, and resetting. It’s this belief that originally drove Scentered founder, Lara Morgan, to explore how she could make aromatherapy more transportable.

The result was our range of super portable, mess-free, easy to apply Aromatherapy Balms. Not content with that, she also created easy to transport travel candles as well as home candles and Scentered continue to disrupt the aromatherapy market with innovative ideas that enable more of us to access the incredible power of aromatherapy. So, there’s no excuses! You really can enhance your life with aromatherapy whatever you’re doing and wherever you might be.


How Do Essential Oils Work?

When an essential oil is inhaled, invisible molecules immediately travel through our olfactory nerves to the part of the brain that handles emotions, thereby having a direct impact on them. The more you smell something in the same context, the more it cements it into your memory. It’s also why certain smells might trigger an image from the past, nostalgia about an event or specific emotions. 

Essential oils can also be absorbed through skin because it is permeable, then these molecules are transported around the body via the bloodstream, delivering benefits to body systems and organs.


What is Clary Sage Essential Oil?

At Scentered, we use pure essential oils so that our customers get the maximum therapeutic benefit from them. One of our favourite oils is derived from the northern Mediterranean plant, Clary Sage, otherwise known by its Latin name of Salvia Sclarea.

The story of Clary Sage, also known as eyebright and clear eye, is an interesting one. In its early days, it was used as a medicinal herb, often placed in the eye to help extract foreign objects. Later, it became a component in 16th century fine wines and in more recent times, used to flavour tea. It truly is one ingredient with a multitude of uses.  


Benefits of Clary Sage

It’s thought that Clary Sage is beneficial for mental health because its refreshing scent soothes and clears the mind, promoting a sense of wellbeing. Of course, this all helps towards decreased feelings of stress and anxiety too.

It’s even thought that this wonder ingredient acts as a natural antidepressant because of its positive effects on mental health. And it's also known as a head-clearing herb because it helps with alleviating brain fog and improving focus.

Something else that’s come to light is that a component of Clary Sage named Sclareol, mimics the effects of oestrogen in the body. It’s believed that this can benefit women during ‘hormonal’ periods of their life. Like those that suffer menstrual cramps or who are going through menopause.


Why is Clary Sage Popular?

Quite the in-demand herb, Clary Sage is popular because it's extremely balancing for mind and soul. Not just that, but it’s refreshing, clear scent can be more appealing to those that are not so keen on heavier smells.

Brands also love this gem of an essential oil because it makes a fantastic base or component of aromatherapy products, bringing powerful, therapeutic benefits whilst working well with other oils, rather than overpowering them. That’s why we simply had to include Clary Sage essential oil within wellbeing ranges and in particular within our Focus blend. 

clary sage aromatherapy

A potent combination of energising rosemary, stimulating mint, and clarifying Clary Sage, this is the one that relieves mental fatigue and promotes focus and concentration. Use our Focus products to perform your best wherever you are, whether you’re about to begin work, an exam, exercise or you simply need to refocus or refresh the mind.

Want to find out more? You can read more about the benefits of Clary Sage by clicking here.


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