What Is A Refillable Candle And How Do I Use It?

Refillable candles

It’s fair to say that up to now candles have not exactly been eco-friendly or sustainable. The use of paraffin wax, non-renewable materials and non-recyclable containers was the norm for decades. Thankfully, the human race has finally woken up to the impact that this has had on our planet and many of us are trying to make amends before it’s too late.

Limiting the damage that’s been caused to our ecosystem is paramount not only for earth’s population but also for corporate entities as the vision of sustainability becomes real. Disastrous oil spills, damage to habitat and even to climate change have all been attributed to crude oil, the unsustainable fossil fuel that is the source of paraffin.


Sustainability at Scentered

We’re on a mission to set the bar when it comes to sustainability. It’s such an important value and impacts on every part of our business. To this end, all of our products are manufactured in line with our mission to create a range that’s eco-friendly and sustainable. Every step of the process has been carefully considered to ensure that waste is minimised, and that we use sustainable, recyclable materials wherever possible.

In terms of Scentered candles, our custom, plant-based wax blend is made from renewable, sustainable, and biodegradable sources and is 100% natural. Because our candles are blended with a high percentage of pure essential oils, they provide intense aroma-therapeutic benefits, perfect for important daily mood transitions like de-stressing, feeling sleepy or having some ‘me time’ to escape.

You won’t find toxic paraffin wax, or any boosters, binders, or other synthetic ingredients in our products. These high-quality natural candles give a wonderfully clean burn without toxicity, soot, or smoke. They even emit negative ions that clean and purify the air at the same time.


Scentered Refill Candles

Not content with only using sustainable materials, the team at Scentered decided to go a step further. With this in mind, we’d like to introduce…..drum roll please… our refillable SLEEP WELL Wellbeing Aromatherapy Ritual Candle Duo and refillable DE-STRESS Wellbeing Aromatherapy Ritual Candle Duo.

DE-STRESS is excellent for unwinding after a stressful day at work. It’s blended with Chamomile to promote calmness and Neroli and Mandarin to help soothe tension and support feelings of well-being.

SLEEP WELL is the perfect sleep aid, quieting the mind and promoting a better, deeper quality of sleep. You’ll also awake feeling well-rested and give yourself the best chance to start the day on the right foot. Our sophisticated floral lavender blend harnesses the therapeutic benefits of Lavender, Chamomile, Palmarosa and Ho Wood, and balances them with Bois de Rose and Geranium. The Patchouli, Clove and Ylang Ylang heart also brings a modern oriental twist.

 sustainable candles

What is a Refillable Candle?

Aha! Well, we’d invested a lot into making candle containers from recyclable glass that could be repurposed. Think jewellery or cotton wool holders! Then it occurred to us, what if we could produce a formulation for a candle refill that could simply slot into the original container? It would prolong the life cycle of the original glass container and minimise further packaging. All in all, it made for an even more sustainable option. 

Don’t panic if you’ve not already bought the glass candle holder though. You can either buy a SLEEP WELL Wellbeing Ritual Candle with a refill or a DE-STRESS Wellbeing Ritual Candle with a refill. Both come with one candle in the glass holder, so once you’ve got that, you only need to buy refills in future. Alternatively, you can use another 220g candle glass jar. Don’t use any old glass container though, it has to be a candle glass and make sure you read the refill instructions before you put it in.

Let’s just say creating a refill candle wasn’t quite as easy as it sounds! It took a few years and there were bumps along the way of course along with many learning curves. But we’re immensely proud of our ground-breaking refill candles.


What Makes a Scentered Refillable Candle Sustainable?

  1.     They contain a blend of 4 natural waxes derived from plant sources


  1.     The refill candles are Vegan. That’s right. There’s no beeswax in these babies and even the printing is done with vegetable ink


  1.     They are transported in a fully recyclable paper cup


  1.     Even the mail order box is fully recyclable


Let’s join together to push the boundaries of sustainability and preserve the world as it should be for our children and grandchildren. So, if you’d like to join us and do your bit for sustainability, convert to our refillable candles today. And while you’re at it, why not try our Refillable Balms too! 

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