This Easy 15 Minute Ritual Will Give You a Positive Start to Your Day

daily ritual

Daily rituals won’t take up your time, they will create time...

Starting your day off in a positive mind state will add an extra spring in your step, you will tackle the day with even more gusto and efficiency. No longer will you spend that 15 minutes trying to convince yourself to get you out of bed and start the day, but instead you will awaken with optimism and enthusiasm, ready for whatever the day throws at you. It almost sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

So tomorrow morning, instead of repeatedly hitting the snooze button, simply set your alarm clock 15 minutes earlier and rise on that first alarm. Whilst you will sacrifice 15 minutes of precious sleep time, your productivity will surge, we promise you won’t regret it. This will be the most peaceful and satisfying 15 minutes of your day. This daily ritual will be your best friend, and one that you will grow to love. This is one of my favourite daily rituals for success and happiness...


The Night Before Your Daily Ritual

To allow for your 15 minute daily ritual to be the best ritual for happiness and success, we advise you begin the night before. As you close your eyes but before you drift off to sleep, repeat positive affirmations to yourself. These can be personal to yourself or your day ahead. My favourite affirmations are “I have confidence in myself”, “I can accomplish anything I set my mind to” and “I am in charge of how I feel”. Repeating these to myself as I fall asleep allows my mind to internalise these thoughts and to fall asleep feeling positive and confident. Setting these intentions can be extremely powerful, reprogramming your subconscious for positivity. Instead of the usual urge to snooze my alarm, I wake in the morning feeling positive and with that extra bounce in my step.

Daily Ritual for Success and Happiness

5 minutes: Journal

Feeding off your positive energy from the previous night’s affirmations, channel this into journaling. When you open your eyes feeling content, write it down! This will help you to vocalise your appreciation and give you an extra pick me up to read if you find your positivity slipping during the day. My favourite way to do this is by keeping my journal next to my bed. This means I can roll over and start jotting things down, the perfect morning transition. 

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5 minutes: Meditate

After you have started your morning with such positivity, try and resist the urge to fling back the duvet, switch on autopilot and begin your day. After voicing your thoughts into your journal, whilst your mind and body are awake and the house is still quiet, take this opportunity to be mindful. Focus on your breath, repeat those affirmations and simply allow your body to just ‘be’. Think about the sounds in the distance, the feeling of your soft bed socks, the smells of a dewy morning or the sound of your loved once dreaming.

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5 minutes: Scentered’s Wellbeing Ritual

And finally, before you begin the rest of your morning, use the last 5 minutes of your daily ritual to stop, inhale and reset. Using Scentered’s Happy Aromatherapy Balm, I apply the uplifting essential oils to my pulse points, including my temples, neck and wrists. As I close my eyes, I inhale deeply and allow my mind to drift towards the bright day ahead of me, and as I exhale I step into the rest of my day with lightness and ease. The energising blend of essential oils from the balm absorbs into the bloodstream and I feel my shoulders relaxing and any built up negativity melt away.

Try it and see how your mood enhances, you won’t regret it!