The Ultimate Christmas Hosting Checklist To De-Stress In Time For The Big Day

The Ultimate Christmas Hosting Checklist To De-Stress In Time For The Big Day

Planning Christmas and knowing how to keep the family happy at Christmas can make you feel stressed because you want to plan the day and make sure everything goes right. That is why keeping your Christmas as stress free as possible will help to make sure you are happy and relaxed and then your guests will also be happy and relaxed. 

At Scentered, we want you to enjoy your Christmas as well as hosting but we know that it can be a stressful time. However, there are ways to make the day run smoothly and limit your stress levels. In this article, we will help you with the best present ideas and tips on how to host Christmas without it overwhelming you. 


How To De-Stress At Christmas

This year don’t let Christmas hosting cause you stress; make sure you find ways that will help you to de-stress and relax. 


Here are some ways that will help you to relax your shoulders and focus on yourself as well as your hosting duties this Christmas:



The Perfect Christmas Present Ideas

A lot of stress can come from thinking of all the presents to buy your loved ones. It can feel like a challenge to get the best Christmas stocking fillers and gifts. Here are some present ideas:


  1. One Box For All Your Family And Friends 

Our Wellbeing Booster Box contains the perfect wellness gifts that is packed full of our bestselling aromatherapy balms, candles and accessories, all in one incredible value box. It's perfect to give yourself some support as you navigate the festive season and to prepare for the winter months.

There is so much included, that you can have enough to give all your friends and family as it contains 26 exquisite aromatherapy products that can be gifted individually or grouped into larger gifts!  

Each box contains:

  • 6 x 5g aromatherapy balms
  • 6 x 1.5g trial size aromatherapy balms
  • 5 x aromatherapy travel candles
  • 4 x Scentered/Popmask De Stress face masks
  • 4 x Scentered felt Christmas stockings
  • 1 x silk eye mask
  • 1 x silver pouch
  • 1 x travel candle carrier pouch
  • 1 x cloth gift bag


       2. The Ideal Gift To De-Stress

Our de-stress saver set contains a de-stress 5g aromatherapy balm, a travel candle, a 300ml shampoo and 300ml conditioner. And has been created using essential oils of chamomile, neroli and mandarin. This set is perfect to help relax, unwind and switch off. 


        3. A Gift To Help Reconnect And Rebalance 

Our Self Care Recovery Set uses our LOVE blend that helps you rebalance and reconnect. It is perfect for when you want to feel connected with others or times when you need soothing self-care.

It contains the LOVE home aromatherapy candle, a soft-touch luxury spa bathrobe  and a 100% natural silk silver pillow eye-mask.


The Ultimate Christmas Checklist

The key to a smooth and relatively stress free Christmas is to be as prepared and organised as possible. So here is our ultimate hosting checklist:


  1. Plan The Food In Advance

-Check for allergies and any dietary requirements

-Write a detailed shopping list and head to the shops a few days before the big day then if you forget anything you have time to pop back out to the shops


      2. Make Sure There Is Enough Room

-How many guests are going to be there?

-Have your guests confirm a week before the big day so you can make sure there is enough room around the table for everyone and to relax whilst they are watching a christmas film.


       3. Plan Fun Drinks To Add A nice Festive Touch 

-Keep it simple but make a Christmas cocktail, it could simply be vodka and cranberry for a red festive touch. Don't over complicate it, just have fun


       4. Clean And Decorate In Advance

-In the lead up to Christmas take it room by room and clean ceiling to floor and then by the time the big day is here it will need a little spruce up which won't take long 

-The same goes for decorations, it doesn't need to be santa's grotto, but a few decorations can make people feel festive