The Power of Positivity

power of positivity

Are you greeting 2019 in a positive frame of mind? Every year, January offers us the chance to wipe the slate clean and create new life-affirming habits. Challenging, yes – impossible, no!

Step one is identifying your big goal.

Think about the real reason behind your choice of resolution. Ask yourself why do you want to create a healthier eating habit? Why do you want to give up smoking or take up a more structured exercise programme? Is it to drop a dress size, save money or to be more healthy? All these new habits will undoubtedly improve your wellness and pave the path to a longer, happier life. This your big goal.

Some resolutions address silent habits such as listening better or being more affectionate and again these will all point to the big goal. Once identified, hold onto your big goal, make it your focus and your resolve to stick to habit change will be stronger.

Step two is powering up the positivity with the help of a trigger. 

A reward or reminder to help you recall your goal. Aromas can do this. It is well known that the inhalation of certain natural essential oils stimulates the limbic system or ‘emotional brain’. This is the part of the brain which controls our moods and emotions. Different plant-derived essential oils can be inhaled to help us reconnect, transform our mood and strengthen our emotional resilience. 


We can help!

power of positivity

The Scentered mini mood therapy balms are a collection five mini balms, perfectly sized for on-the-go use, which can be used individually to target a specific need or together, as a personal mood and lifestyle support ‘toolkit’. Combine the power of these pure essential oils with a simple mindfulness technique, and take a moment, breathe deeply, reset your mood and your resolve. Use regularly to help let go of negative thoughts and bring about a renewed sense of positivity and focus.