The Latest Advancements In Holistic Medicine And Aromatherapy

holistic medicine

The world of holistic medicine is developing and medical professionals, scientists and the public are opening our eyes to new possibilities that holistic medicine can be truly beneficial to our physical and mental health. 

Aromatherapy has often been ignored when it comes to medical treatments, with many choosing traditional medicine over it. Of course, we all want the best for our friends and family, and ourselves, so it’s vital to ensure we’re choosing the best treatment options when we get sick.

There is plenty of scientific research to support traditional medicine, however scientists have been investigating holistic medicine and the benefits of aromatherapy, and have published some brilliant clinical studies to support it.


What Is Holistic Medicine and Aromatherapy?

Holistic medicine, sometimes referred to as alternative medicine takes into account the complete person, their physical, psychological, social, and spiritual wellbeing.

Aromatherapy and holistic medicine hold great belief that our physical health is greatly linked to our general wellbeing. By enhancing our general wellbeing through alternative medicine we are working to manage, and help prevent disease.


Is There Scientific Evidence That Holistic Medicine Works?

Yes! Studies are frequently published showing the benefits of aromatherapy on our general wellbeing. The International Journal of Palliative Nursing Vol.7 No. 6 published a study on ‘ The role of aromatherapy massage in reducing anxiety in patients with malignant brain tumours’ where they concluded that the use of aromatherapy reduces anxiety and promotes a better quality of life.

In the clinical study, patients with malignant brain tumours received a massage using aromatherapy oils. The holistic massage took place prior to their first follow-up appointment, after their initial radiotherapy dosage, an understandably nerve racking time. 

Patients' anxiety before and after the aromatherapy treatment was measured using semi-structured interviews, the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scales and physical parameters. All of the patient’s gave a statistically significant reduction across all four physical parameters, showing a great decrease in anxiety; supporting the claim that aromatherapy affects the autonomic nervous system, inducing relaxation.

Although aromatherapy showed no difference to the patient's illness, it left them all stating that they felt ‘relaxed’. Therefore showing holistic medicine and aromatherapy to be a beneficial addition to traditional medicine, offering support, reducing anxiety and improving quality of life.


How Can Aromatherapy Benefit Me In Day To Day Life?

If you’re struggling with insomnia, lavender aromatherapy oil can help you to achieve a better night’s sleep. In a 2021 study conducted by Scientist Li-Wei Chien et al, it was found that after 12 weeks of lavender aromatherapy, midlife women with insomnia have improvement in the quality of their sleep.

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