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The History Behind Jasmine Oil and How We Use It Today

Aromatherapy has been around for centuries. The power of essential oils through scent diffusion and topically has long been accepted as a way of treating a multitude of problems. The uses of essential oil includes medical ailments, aiding sleep, in skincare products and for improving moods and wellness. However, there is one essential oil that stands out in history as the ‘king of essential oils’ and that is Jasmine. Where Rose Essential Oil is known as the ‘queen of essential oils’ as a result of its floral and feminine scent, Jasmine Essential Oil is floral scented but with a wild side and a deep richness. The word Jasmine is derived from the French word ‘jasmin’ and the Arabic and Persian word ‘yasamin’ which means ‘God’s gift’, a highly regarded essence. This long-standing reputation of excellence still holds true today and this article will show you why…


Jasmine is most well known for its sought after scent, but what does Jasmine Essential Oil smell like exactly? Jasmine Oil is described to have a sensuous, warm, exotic, intense and sweet smell. This has made it a widely used essential oil in the perfume industry since the times of Louis XVI and Cleopatra. As a result of its well loved and softened feminie smell, it is used to give perfumes a more universal appeal and make them more widely popular. Jasmine Essential Oil was, and still holds a special place in Hinduism and is known as the “perfume of love”. In China, the beautiful scent of Jasmine was used to make sick rooms more fragrant, but also because it was believed to clear the air of pollutants. This was before Jasmine Essential Oil was actually found to be antibacterial. In addition to this, China used and still uses the Jasmine flower in tea by layering its blossom with tea leaves to release its fragrance and soothe. 

Originating from China and Northern India, Jasmine Oil travelled across the globe to the Ancient Egyptians who used it for nervous disorders, headaches and to promote better quality sleep. This showed that the calming properties of Jasmine Oil were recognised very early on. 


Jasmine Essential Oil Benefits

What does Jasmine Essential Oil do you ask? Jasmine Essential Oil is one of the most expensive oils, and justifiably so. It is a very powerful oil with a multitude of uses. Its benefits include being an antispasmodic, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, rejuvenating to the skin and is stimulating yet soothing.

In Skincare

Jasmine Essential Oil is a popular ingredient in skincare and has been used for this purpose across the globe for many years. The antiseptic and soothing nature of the oil improves ailments such as acne, dermatitis, scarring, stretch marks, dry skin, aging skin and inflammation. Using Jasmine Essential Oil on the skin can leave skin feeling rejuvenated and soothed. These benefits have been noticed and harnessed for centuries by the people of India, Egypt and China. We have written a guide on 20 Essential Oils You Need in Your Skincare Routine for more information on its benefits for the skin here.

Mood lifter

Jasmine Essential Oil is known as a well-loved mood lifter which improves your state of mind when inhaling its sweet and rich scent. The floral energy not only boosts happiness, but it increases confidence but reduces stress, anxiety and anger. A relaxing way to incorporate Jasmine Oil in your daily well being ritual, could be lighting an aromatherapy candle that includes Jasmine whenever you need comfort, or by applying it to your pulse points to release the scent throughout the day. Why not try our Love Aromatherapy Balm to yield its benefits on the go?

Improves sleep quality

Jasmine Essential Oil benefits do not stop there, it also improves the quality of sleep. Restless sleep can be frustrating and have a negative impact on your mood and productivity. Incorporating essential oils into your daily ritual can help promote deep sleep and alleviate frustration. Whilst Lavender and Chamomile Essential Oils are the most well known scents for promoting sleep, Jasmine is also a champion in this area. With its antispasmodic, sedative and soothing properties, combined with its sweet scent, using this essential oil during meditation, yoga or a massage before bed can increase the length and quality of sleep. For more ideas on how to use essential oils to promote sleep, you can read Scentered’s guide; Aromatherapy to Help You Sleep: Which Essential Oils Are Best For Deep Sleeping here.

Increases feelings of love

There is something so romantic about a candle lit dinner, the flickering flame, the warm glow and the soft shadows. The Hindu’s have fondly named Jasmine Essential Oils “perfume of love” for a very good reason. Inhaling the scent can increase a feeling of desire, expressions of love and even libido. The connection between Jasmine Oil and love is something we here at Scentered have harnessed. Jasmine Essential Oil is blended with Orange and Rose to create the Love Aromatherapy Candles and Love Aromatherapy Balms to aid with moments of expressing love. Lighting the Love Aromatherapy Candle over a romantic evening meal between loved ones can cast an intimate atmosphere whilst also releasing the soft aroma of Jasmine Oil with all the other benefits it brings.


What does Jasmine Oil blend well with?

Each essential oil comes with its own benefits, so why use just one at a time? By blending essential oils you can create a beautifully scented and personalised cocktail that can have enhanced effects. Jasmine Essential Oil is complimented particularly well by Sandalwood, Rose, Bergamot and other Citrus oils, a perfect opportunity to get creative!

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