Our 5 favourite Autumn soup recipes

soup and bread
Autumn is finally creeping in. Woolly jumpers and snuggly socks are making their way back to the front of our wardrobes. 

While we welcome back the beautiful turning leaves, sometimes the cold really worms its way in, and what better way to keep it at bay than a comforting, warm soup?

We picked our favourite soup recipes to help you stay healthy and warm this Autumn

Moroccan butternut squash and goat cheese soup - Halfbaked Harvest 

Halfbaked Harvest

Chile Verde - Saveur 


Carrot, Ginger and Turmeric Soup - Lauren Caris

Lauren Caris

Stuffing Dumpling Soup - Taste of Home

Taste of dumpling


Let us know if you've given any of these recipes a go 

or if you have more delicious recipes for us to try!