Mindfulness, Yoga and Meditation at the #ScenteredTemple

Scentered mindfulness event

What better way to combat autumn blues than with a day of yoga and meditation classes at our very own temple for the day. Taking over the stunning freemasons temple within the Andaz hotel we hosted select press, influencers and other friends of Scentered and creating an oasis of calm in the heart of East London.

As guests arrived, welcomed by the scent of the burning Escape candles, they were immediately transported into total serenity and calmness. Guests were blown away as they pushed open the heavy studded doors to reveal the Scentered Temple, complete with a beautiful spiral staircase which led down to an opulent Italian marble and checked floor. As you looked up to the ceiling it was impossible to take your eyes off the stunning blue dome ceiling with gold zodiac detail. Truly magical.

Scentered Andaz event

The morning started bright and early with a traditional meditation session with Holiday Phillips, a UK based meditation teacher with years of experience. The class gave guests the opportunity to reflect on the two biggest causes of stress and how meditation can effectively combat them. Guests were left feeling motivated and rejuvenated before their Friday had even started

James Chapman, yoga teacher and massage therapist, led the mid-morning classes. His classes concentrated on de-stress yoga with a focus on the use of breathing techniques and dynamic yoga poses that aim to relieve the effects of stress on the body.

The morning events were concluded with a special opportunity to listen to Lara Morgan, inspirational business woman and co-founder of Scentered, talk to guests in a relaxed and interactive setting about the tools best used to balance your mind, body and career.

The afternoon was as jam packed and inspirational as the morning had been as guests enjoyed a self-discovery yoga class with Nicolette Wilson-Clarke, followed by an expressive movement session with movement specialist Julia Cheng and were treated to a breathing class with ‘The Breath Guru’, Alan Dolan. The whole day was topped off with a special evening session with Carly Grace, a sound practitioner. Carly hosted a sound healing gathering which provided guests with a space to deeply relax, open and release.

Scentered co-founders

It truly was a day to remember, full of positive energy and wonderful people and we would like to take the opportunity to thank all our guests for attending, as well as all those mentioned above who hosted the exceptional classes and sessions throughout the day. 

Special thanks to our Scentered friends, who kindly gifted our guests with a fabulous goodie bag which contained an amazing array of products. Thank you so much to: Emily’s crisps. Zingershots, Beauty and Go, Wisdom by Libbla, Tea India UK, Jilla Active, Yogi Bare, No 1. Rosemary Water and Press London.

Scentered gift bag

Love, Scentered x