Is it time for a digital detox?

digital detox escape

In light of our monthly theme of clarity of the mind, we thought tips on building a healthy relationship with our tech would be a good fit. As sometimes we habitually check our technology for no reason, which can waste time and cause unnecessary pressure subconsciously. 

By building a better relationship with all the technology you use day to day, you give yourself time to connect to people in real life, explore your surroundings, do things you might not have left time for before, but more importantly; breathe and think clearly without distractions.

digital detox garden

There are numerous new habits you can adopt to kick-start your digital detox and these don't all have to be activated at once, but one small change can make a big difference. Here are a few ideas to make your digital detox easier.

1. Write two lists.

- List one: Gadgets. Write down all the gadgets you use. This way you become more aware of the time you spend with your tech. 

- List two: Write all the things you want to do but don't have the time for. E.g. Reading, Exercising, Relaxing bath time. This way you are less likely to fall into phone procrastination as you have a list of activities to chose from. 

2. Set your boundaries.

- Give yourself a maximum screen time. Be comfortable with it and lower it week by week if it makes it easier. 
Cheat tool: Some Apple phones have an update which allows you to set boundaries on certain apps and screen time. There are also Apps called; Moment App, Mute and Freedom App. This can be a huge help when setting your limits. 

3. Turn off push notifications.

- Getting constant notifications can be very distracting. Give yourself the opportunity to do your daily tasks with less temptation. 

4. Try a black and white screen. 

- We are naturally drawn to colorful images. Look for the option to change your screens to greyscale after you reach your daily boundaries. 

5. Create a completely tech-free time in your day. 

- This tip simply creates time for you to be present without the pressure of having to check anything digital and pre-pick something from your list of things you want to do in that time. 

6. Keep your bedroom a tech-free zone.

- You might have heard this before but we are saying it again. Bedrooms are often a place of relaxation and it's common to procrastinate a lot on your phone if you are lounging in bed. Also, blue lights from our screens give your body a message that its daytime, avoid this to sleep better.

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