How to Start Your Day With More Energy This Winter

woman working next to a lit candle

Mornings can be the worst, especially in winter. All you want to do is fall back asleep in your warm bed, avoiding any of the cold weather and other daily tasks. With the sun setting so much earlier, it can feel that there aren’t enough in the day to complete nearly as much as you can in the summer. This can leave us all feeling unmotivated and waking up with very little energy. 

In this article, we will be breaking down our favourite way to give yourself more energy in the mornings and how to do more with the few hours of daylight we have at the moment!

Waking Up Refreshed

This can be easier said than done, but having a full night’s sleep is the first step to having more energy the next day. With the sky getting darker so much earlier, it can really throw off your Circadian rhythm. You will find yourself wanting to go to bed earlier because it’s dark outside. However, sticking to a good sleeping routine is extremely important. Spending too much time in bed can make you feel sluggish and unmotivated. Starting a good habit of going to bed at a certain time as well as waking up at a certain time can give you that routine you’ve been looking for. 

Waking up feeling rested and refreshed will have you being ready to take on the day ahead. We recommend unwinding before properly trying to fall asleep. Spending some time actively de-stressing before bed can leave you feeling ready to fall into that much needed night’s sleep as well as setting a good set of patterns for yourself and your body. We recommend trying to not look at your phone for a few hours before bed and instead reading a book or listening to some calming music. Blue light can be a real problem, as it can affect your natural circadian rhythm and prevent you from getting all important shut eye. 

Why not also try a relaxing scent? You’ve heard of sounds helping you fall asleep, but what about smells? Lighting a DE-STRESS or SLEEP WELL candle from our range can aid you falling asleep and waking up with more energy in the morning, even in the winter months. 

Place Your Alarm Clock Far From Your Bed

Speaking of sleep, another good trick is to leave your alarm clock away from your bedside time. Yes, this may sound slightly like overkill but for those of us who can’t get out of bed in these cold winter mornings will be forced from their warm beds to turn off their alarms. 

This can also help you in getting a full night’s sleep. Many of us use our phones now as alarm clocks. If you are putting your phone on the other side of the room, then there will be no blue light to prevent you from falling asleep. 

In short - by being forced from bed to turn off your alarm, you will have a better chance of starting your day rather than pressing the snooze button again or even, just staying in bed all day!

Staying Motivated In The Winter Mornings 

The winter can make us unmotivated, which means that we may end up feeling like we have less energy. As we have little hours of daylight, feeling overwhelmed with how many tasks we have to get done is a very common feeling.  Prioritizing your time in the morning is typically your best option in the winter. 

The sun goes down so much earlier, meaning that in order to feel like you are making the most out of your days, ensuring you are using all of your time in the lighter hours will allow you to feel like you are getting more done. Try making a comprehensive list of activities and things that you have to complete for the mornings. 

Exercise In The Morning!

We all know that exercise releases endorphins, which of course will give you way more energy and have you ready to take on the day. If you do your exercise as soon as you wake up or after your morning cup of coffee, you will have this burst of energy way earlier in the day, leaving you to feel more motivated to take on the rest of your tasks. 

If you aren’t into the more strenuous forms of exercise, then taking a short walk in the morning will have you breathing in the fresh hair and getting that much needed winter Vitamin D (that is of course, if the sun is shining). Or maybe, do a short yoga routine which will get your blood flowing and have those all important muscles stretched out. Whatever your favourite form of exercise is, try and move your routine to the morning.