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Lara Morgan, the entrepreneur behind Scentered was brought up with aromatherapy. Fast forward to her early twenties and this plucky young woman was spending much of her time travelling the world building her global hospitality business. She’d often find herself in a hotel room, after a long day of business meetings, switching gear from audacious businesswoman to mum-mode as she called home.   

Aromatherapy was a great way for Lara to transition from her busy day. She used it to de-stress, unwind, apply some self-care or simply for pure escapism. Like other aromatherapy users, the age-old problem of leaks and spills became a real bugbear. Fed up with wasted oils and ruined toiletries, a thought came to mind. What if you could deliver essential oils in a different way? One that put a stop to leakages. In that instant, she realised the need for a portable aromatherapy product that could help people mindfully transition throughout the day. Scentered was born out of this lightbulb moment and the rest as they say, is history.



A huge amount of thought, care, research and development has gone into creating Scentered’s 100% natural, essential-oil based Wellbeing Ritual Aromatherapy Balms. Cleverly designed, these award-winning blends contain up to 25 essential oils. Moringa and Shea Butter are used as the carriers for these balms to create mess-free, and all importantly leak and spill free application.

A unique Wellbeing Ritual, Stop. Inhale. Reset has also been created to help users obtain the maximum benefit from these powerful therapy balms. When applied to the pulse points, (wrists, neck and temples), pause and inhale the scent for three deep breaths. 

Taking a break to actually breathe properly makes it a more mindful experience. Plus, with life so busy most of the time, sometimes we need to be told to take a pause, no matter how brief. It does us good to stop every now and then! Deeply inhaling the scent ensures that you receive an immediate personal sensory experience, and of course, it’s essential to breathe it in and absorb the essential oils. 

These extraordinary balms have an immediate positive effect on your mood. They instantly help you transition and reset into a different mindset. If you breathe in the Focus Balm, you’ll notice how awake, alert and focused you feel straightaway. When you breathe in the Love Balm, you’ll feel a cosy warmness enveloping you. It’s an immense feeling!

So many demands are placed on us these days. A lot of the time, life is spent living in a rush and it’s the opposite to being mindful. If you consider a typical day, it might include waking up, exercising, getting kids school ready, working, socialising, childcare, errands, chores, caring for someone, cooking, doing a hobby, social media, relaxing and winding down for bedtime. Life requires us to make speedy transitions. It’s hard to keep up and can feel positively overwhelming sometimes. These aromatherapy balms support you in that transition from one mindset to another.

You may notice that the scent doesn’t linger on skin in the same way that a perfume does. That’s completely intentional. You only need to inhale the scent briefly for it to do its work and transition your mind set but the effects are long-lasting. The aroma gently fades, and this frees you up to use another balm shortly after for your next transition of the day. 


Scentered is a company with eco-conscious values, minimising their carbon footprint and with an admirable focus on creative reusability. In fact, all parts of the balm’s packaging has been designed to ensure that it can be repurposed, reused or recycled. Offcuts from the production of tea bags are also cleverly used to cushion products in transit. Outer packaging is minimised, and foil print is avoided because of its challenges with recycling. 

Every step of the product’s journey to the customer is so well thought out. The ingredients are 100% natural, and ethically & sustainably sourced. Even the taping of boxes is considered to ensure that they can be reused again. It’s also a cruelty free brand and Scentered promise only to test on human guinea pigs and never on animals.



The brand has taken their quest for minimal waste to a whole new level with the launch of aromatherapy balm refills. Converting to this option means that rather than binning your old balm stick, you can use it again and again. 

Currently available in Sleep Well and De Stress, each pack contains two refills and with a launch  price of £16, it’s great value. 

Prolonging a product’s life cycle ultimately means less waste. Follow the simple instructions to remove the used balm and then replace it with a refill. Bob’s yer uncle!  


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