5 of Our Favourite Travel Blogs

Top Travel Blogs

During the month of August, a lot of our readers will be making plans to travel around the world, which inspired us to share some of our favourite travel blogs, for you to read and get inspiration from.


We Are Travel Girls


We Are Travel Girls is a vibrant, youthful travel blog started by two girlfriends, Becky and Vanessa who met at London College of Fashion. They started an Instagram page to post pictures of their travels, which gained them the attention of a community of female writers from England and around the world that now contribute to the blog each week. This site gives hopeful explorers travel tips, advice, and inspiration that accompany the @WeAreTravelGirls Instagram. The writing found on this blog is a wonderful mix of first-person accounts, concise suggestions and amazing photographs. You will love getting to know each writer’s voice and experiences, and get inspired to follow in their footsteps!


Tara Milt Tea


Tara Whiteman is an independent blogger who writes about her traveling adventures, lifestyle aesthetic, and culinary experiences. She is a 23-year-old design artist from Sydney, Australia Her design background is obvious when you visit her blog from its chic, minimalist style, to its color-rich photography, to its fun social media features. Her posts go beyond listing travel tips. She describes her exact experiences in each city (listed at the top of the homepage) and incorporates travel with her love of shopping, style, and trying new foods.


Find Us Lost


Find Us Lost is not only informative and intriguing, but the experience of the blog is actually calming, from its pastel color palette to its romantic, peaceful photography. The author’s spontaneous adventures turned into a social media following and then, a must-read blog. Her writing shows the unique appeal of her destinations and guides interested fans on how to travel and it also invites readers to follow her life story. You will be inspired to experience her carefree, clever way of exploring new places. You will especially become addicted to her fashion-forward, tranquil photos.


The Blonde Abroad


The Blonde Abroad is perhaps the cutest, most digitally interactive travel blog there is. The homepage is pink with posts on everything like destinations, travel tips, activities, interests, and shopping. The website is extremely diverse. You can find anything from music festival dates and reviews to how to travel on a budget to fun videos depicting the author, Kiersten’s, experiences. She writes vivid reviews and suggestions for all aspects of travel—she’s visited 70 countries. You can scroll over adorable icons for information on flights, travel fashion, and music and food from around the globe. Trust us, at the very least this blog will put a giant smile on your face and leave you feeling excited about the possibility of future adventures.


 Travelling Solo


The Travelling Solo blog is all about the exciting possibilities awaiting the lone traveler. The staff writers on this blog provide readers with accounts of personal adventures. These are accounts that describe what its really like to explore foreign destinations alone, not only that, this blog gives the best solo deals, advice on packing essentials, and detailed guides. The blog even has a built in feature to book flights on the spot! If you are someone who loves to take advantage of your independence, but has never been able to take the leap and strike out on your own, this is the online community for you. Reading about the benefits of traveling alone will inspire you to have the same rewarding experiences and it will inspire you to strengthen your relationship with yourself.


 Do you have a blog that you take inspiration from? Share it with us @iamscentered.