10 Easy Self Care Tips for the January Blues

self care tips

Beating the January blues can be a challenge with new year’s resolutions and the demands of daily life returning. This January, set aside some time for you and recognise the power of self-care. Here at Scentered, we believe self-care and your wellbeing go hand in hand. When it comes to those dreary winter months, self-care is particularly important for your mind, body and soul. Finding time for your self-care and beating off the January blues can be daunting, but it’s easier than you think. We believe we can help you beat your January blues with our top 10 easy self care tips, helping you create your own wellbeing ritual. What better time than a fresh new year to begin establishing your own wellbeing rituals for your self-care whilst beating the January blues? 

1. Find comfort

Self care for your January blues begins with exploring and nurturing your body, mind and soul. Self-care should be an essential element to your daily routine, whatever the season. Finding comfort during the cold months with a wellbeing ritual bespoke to your self-care daily routine can significantly diminish your January blues. How to create a ritual can be as simple as starting with establishing a more positive morning routine. What better way to begin to explore your self-care and fight off the blues than with a gentle hug you can give yourself using LOVE aromatherapy products. Our LOVE candles and aromatherapy balms stimulate positive emotions and connectivity, soothing your body and mind. Escape the cold and helping you to warm up with a romantic blend of a woody oriental scent, spicy citrus of Orange and Clove with Rose and Jasmine.

2. Eat healthy hearty meals

Despite the festive season’s variety of delicious treats and consumption, the start of the year can be a great time to return to maintaining a balanced and nutritious diet. Find your own balance by eating healthily and regularly to maintain your wellbeing and body. By eating healthy, you are supporting the self-care of your body and health which will help you fight off the blues. 

3. Stay positive

As well as taking care of your body with a healthy and hearty diet, it is important to keep your mind positive and healthy.  Finding happiness and positivity at the start of the year can be a challenge but try making it part of your wellbeing ritual. Stay positive and feel happier using positive language, do activities that bring you joy and take time to feel grateful for what you have. Our HAPPY products can help you find positivity throughout the day with fresh scents of Grapefruit to help list your spirit, Lemon Myrtle for energy and Spearmint to help you to express gratitude and increase your overall happiness. If you’re in a rush, try an aromatherapy balm, ideal for on your morning commute and on the go.

4. Get creative

Returning to work, particularly with the January blues can be stressful and de-motivating. If returning to the demands of everyday life is making you feel burned out already, explore taking some time to do something creative. Setting time aside to focus on your creativity and trying new skills can help your unwind and reduce your stress by putting your mind at ease. For an additional boost to your self-care downtime, try incorporating our DE-STRESS aromatherapy balm to help you feel calm and in control. Our blends of Chamomile, Neroli and Mandarin will soothe tension, support feelings of well-being and help you to feel uplifted.

5. Take a digital detox

The prevalent consumption of technology can cause a strain on your wellbeing and cause a negative impact on your self-care. Taking a break from technology, including your work emails, texts and calls can give your eyes and mind a rest, helping you to reset and feel calm. Try doing something offline or reading a book on your commute to help you unwind.

6. Embrace the outdoors more

Take your self-care digital detox to the next level by returning to nature. Spend time in nature and practice breathing outside to allow yourself to relax and reconnect to the outdoors. If you are stretched for time in your hectic schedule, perhaps incorporate a walk to work or take a stroll on your lunch break, though don’t forget to wrap up warm to keep yourself cosy and comfortable.

7. Exercise

Exercising daily can be extremely beneficial to your sell-care and beating the January blues. Enjoy a walk, yoga session or trip to the gym and move for at least 30 minutes a day to keep yourself feeling fresh and healthy, which is great for body and mind. Finding time to exercise helps to release endorphins and give you a sense of achievement, ideal for your wellbeing. You can also try incorporating exercise into your daily routine so it doesn’t feel like such a chore with fun activities or walk. 

8. Find time for yourself

Self-care is all about you! So that means taking some time to decompress each day. Explore your self-care and switch off with our ESCAPE invigorating scents to help you shift a gear and transport yourself to that essential time for yourself. It’s important to breath, inhale, reset and incorporate our Scentered method to your everyday wellbeing rituals. This method can help you find relaxation and mindfulness, enabling you to take some time for yourself, reflect on each day and find mindfulness helping your January blues fade away.

9. Skincare routine

Find time to take care of your skin, dry plenty of water, rest and use the right products for you. Add your skincare routine to your wellbeing ritual such as starting the day with cleansing your skin and moisturising to feel fresh, whilst removing any make-up before you go to sleep. These self-care tips are ideal for helping you to feel and look your best.

10. Get plenty of sleep

Rest and relaxation is vital to not only your body and mind but also your self-care. By getting plenty of sleep, you can help your body and mind rejuvenate helping you to function properly. Try going to bed earlier and unwind before bed with a book rather than scrolling your phone or tablet.  End your day by embracing a nightly bedtime ritual designed to help you drift off into a peaceful sleep with our SLEEP WELL aromatherapy balms. Our alluring blends of lavender, palmarosa and ylang ylang will help quiet your mind and relax your whole body helping you to feel well-rested for tomorrow’s goals.