Our Partnership With Mindful Chef

mindful chef

Here at Scentered, we truly believe that a healthy body and mind can be achieved through a holistic approach. If that sounds all a bit too new age for you, spare a few minutes so we can explain the concept. Holistic means that you look at the whole, in this case the mind, body, spirit and environment. Each factor affects the others and if one isn’t working optimally, we end up feeling out of kilter. 

Take for example the fact that if you were to injure your knee and couldn’t work, a consequence might be that you end up feeling depressed. Or your home office has got so messy that you just can’t focus on the job in hand. Understanding these interrelationships means that you can make changes and improve the quality of your life, prevent physical and mental illness, and keep your internal balance. 

The environment that we live within today is often pretty darn stressful. Life is so fast paced but even so, we’re still experiencing FOMO (fear of missing out), often perpetuated by constant use of social media. The upshot of our busy lifestyles is that way too much is crammed in rather than living a more mindful existence. Then surprise, surprise, we get brain overload and our mind and body go into burn out, shutdown, however you’d like to put it.

Fortunately, we can act to keep ourselves healthy. The good news is that we don’t always have to make big changes either. It’s sometimes the small ones that have the biggest impact. Aromatherapy is one such tool which many of us have adopted to stay grounded in testing times as well as prevent and alleviate daily stress and anxiety. By applying an Aromatherapy Balm to the wrists, neck and temples and inhaling in the scent in deeply three times or lighting an Aromatherapy Candle, you can instantly reset your mood and mindset. 

This happens because whenever we inhale scent, it travels via light speed (or the olfactory nerve if you want to get scientific) to the brain’s emotional centre, aka the limbic system. Not only does this system influence body indicators like breathing rate and heart rate but this part of the brain helps the formation of memories and affects mood. That’s why high-grade, premium essential oils are so effective because they get to the heart of the action in the brain and act so quickly. So, what will you choose? Will it be best-selling SLEEP WELL, grounding LOVE, evocative ESCAPE or any of the other 3 amazing blends, HAPPY, FOCUS or DE STRESS. If you’re ready to get started, click here for the 2 Minute Scentered Blend Finder Tool to find your ideal blend.

The food that we nourish our bodies with also has a huge impact on our overall health and mental wellbeing. That’s why we’ve been so passionate about partnering with the country’s highest rated recipe box brand, Mindful Chef. What we love is their mission to get people healthy, save time and reduce waste, common values shared by the Scentered team. 

If you haven’t already tried one of their healthy recipe boxes, you must! We’re talking brain food recipes like Denver apricot tagine with kale and quinoa, fish tikka masala, black rice and coconut and Korean turkey mince and kimchi rice bowl. Granted that they do sound rather exotic, but the secret is that these highly nutritious recipes are incredibly simple to make and taste divine. Not to mention that they use healthy ingredients like high quality protein, complex rather than refined carbs and a plethora of vegetables.  And if that’s not enough, they do the most a.ma.zing smoothie bundles too.

So, together Scentered and Mindful Chef are taking on the world! Who says it doesn’t pay to be ambitious after all? And we totally believe that with our 100% pure therapeutic aromatherapy balms and Mindful Chef’s incredible recipe boxes, we can go some way with helping you to keep your mind and body harmonised and performing at its best. 

We would love to hear about your mental wellness journey. You can also keep in touch via our Instagram @iamscentered or sign up to our newsletter for updates, news and offers.