Why have we made refillables?

Refillable candles that revolutionise the way we reuse, repurpose, recycle and now refill. 

Candles are a huge global industry and part of a billion-pound market. It is no wonder as there is nothing quite like an aroma-filled candle to create a relaxing ambience after a long, taxing day. But have you ever considered what your candles are made from? And whether they are sustainable?

As we grow ever-more aware of the importance of meeting our needs without compromising Planet Earth and future generations, sustainability has become the new buzz word.



What’s the story behind our sustainable candles?

Scentered candles are the result of two-year labour of love, perfecting a 100% natural, high performance, plant-based wax blend in which to carry our pure essential oil blends. Our custom base wax is made from renewable, sustainable, and biodegradable sources, and includes a small amount of beeswax which also has the benefit of emitting negative ions that clean and purify the air at the same time. 

We have avoided the use of toxic paraffin wax or any of the boosters, binders or other synthetic ingredients typically used within the candle manufacturing industry. When you light a Scentered candle you will notice it offers a beautifully clean, natural burn that is non-toxic and without soot or smoke. The combination of natural base waxes and maximum levels of pure essential oils deliver a truly mindful ambience, filling the room with our mood-boosting fragrances to help you relax, unwind and reset. 

So why have we made our candles refillable? 


Our next challenge was to create a refill candle that is robust enough to travel well, have all the merits of our standard candles and be vegan friendly. We are delighted to say that we succeeded in using a blend of vegetable oils to form a hard wax base for our essential oil blends. The refill candles have been packaged in a compostable cup printed with vegetable inks which break down into non-toxic particles when put through industrial composting. 

As a result, we’ve produced the first consciously developed glass candle sold with a refill as a set giving repeated life to the glass container and saving money through the supply chain. 

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Shop our refillable candles here