Why Are Aromatherapy Candles So Calming?

woman holding candle

What is a therapeutic candle?

A therapeutic candle is a candle that is created using a combination of essential oils. Therapeutic candles can come in an endless combination of your favourite fragrance notes, all offering a multitude of different benefits and mood-enhancing combinations. For example, there are therapeutic candles to promote sleeping, de-stressing, happiness, escapism, focusing and love. By turning off electric lights and burning your favourite candle, you will release the aroma of the essential oils whilst simultaneously casting a soft glow across your space. A winning calm-inducing recipe...

Why are therapeutic candles so calming?

Nothing says instant relaxation quite like a therapeutic candle. They are lit in romantic restaurants, at your favourite spa and surrounding your bathtub, all situations that call for a little calm. But why do we instantly feel calmer after lighting a therapeutic candle? 

One of the main reasons we find candles so calming is their soft flickering flame that gently illuminates our surroundings. Candles eliminate the need for a harsh electric bulb and instead allows for you to be fully immersed in the natural light and movement of the flame, casting soft shadows and a warm glow. This softening of your surrounding works towards achieving a meditative state, perfect for calming any stressed nerves. As humans, we also have a strong sense of association. As candles are typically used in calming situations, the sight of the small flickering flame sends signals to our brains which tells our body to relax. This helps us feel calmer emotionally and physically.

As well as sight, our brains also create strong associations with scent. As humans we all have certain trigger scents; A scent that may bring back positive and happy memories to one person, may not for another person. Then there are some scents that some people may simply not like which will not be calming, regardless of the benefits of essential oils. This is why it is important to pick out a therapeutic candle that you absolutely love, as this will give you the most calming effect and enhance your positive feelings best. For example, if you particularly love more vibrant and citrusy candles, that is the type of therapeutic candle that you will find calm. 

However, there are particular fragrance notes and essential oils that are synonymous with a calming effect. Chamomile is well known for promoting calmness and relaxation, whilst Neroli and Mandarin are soothing essential oils. A candle that includes all three is the Scentered De-stress Aromatherapy Candle which includes all three, giving you a stress-busting combination. Another calming essential oil that could not be missed is Lavender. As well as having multiple therapeutic benefits, Lavender is often used in stress-busting and sleep-promoting products. Using a Lavender Therapeutic Candle gives you all the benefits of the essential oil as well as the strong scent association developed over years of exposure. 

How can therapeutic candles be introduced into your wellbeing ritual?

The beauty of candles is that they can come in smaller and more compact packaging so that you can easily incorporate them into your wellbeing ritual, regardless of whether you are travelling or staying at home. This makes them super easy to fit in around your busy schedule. 


  • Before bedtime: The Sleep Well Therapeutic Candle uses a combination of Lavender, Chamomile, Palmarosa and Ylang Ylang to bring you a perfect calming pre-bedtime candle. Why not try lighting this candle as you are winding down before bed. Turn off the lights and use the soft flame to shake off the day during your evening bath.
  • During the workday: The Therapeutic Focus Collection blends Rosemary and Mint extract to stimulate mental activity and increase memory and focus. This makes it perfect for taking to the office and lighting it by your workspace. This will not only cast a calming light but will also release essential oils that will enhance your productivity and help you perform better.   
  • Whilst doing yoga: The De-stress Therapeutic Candle combines Chamomile, Neroli and Mandarin to aid de-stressing. This makes it the perfect partner whilst you practice yoga. Light the candle in the room whilst you try your favourite moves and inhale the calming benefits of the essential oils.
  • In the background at home:  The Happy Therapeutic Candle does not just have to benefit you during your ‘me time’. Why not try lighting it around the house and allow everyone in your home to benefit from the evaporating Lemon and Grapefruit essential oils? Your whole home will be filled with uplifting and invigorating scents.
  • During a romantic dinner: The Love Therapeutic Candle is the ideal companion when you’re planning your next romantic evening in. Light the candle on the dining table and inhale the Rose and Jasmine notes, adding a sensual touch and enhancing feelings of love. 
  • Reading: The Escape Therapeutic Candle allows you to truly transport into your book and your ‘me time’. Light the Sandalwood and Oud candle to enhance your clarity of mind and visualization, perfect for fully immersing yourself into your story.