Where Are Your Pulse Points, And Why Do We Use Them For Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy bottles surrounded by lavender

Your heart is synchronised with your emotions. It beats faster when you are happy or in love...or stressed. In aromatherapy, pulse points are a few specific locations on the body where major arteries run closest to the skin's surface. 

These points are warmer than the rest of your body, which means that anything applied to them warms up quicker and penetrates the skin better, making the fragrance last longer. This is why we use pulse points to apply aromatherapy essential oils.

What Are Aromatherapy Pulse Points?

The human body has eight main pulse points, where arteries are near the skin's surface and these are perfect for aromatherapy. 

When the heart beats, it pumps blood into your arteries, impacting their elastic walls and creates a pressure wave that goes from the heart to the aorta and continues along the rest of your arteries. 

This impact is your pulse, and it's more easily felt with the index and middle finger, never the thumb, because it has an artery on its own. 

How To Apply Aromatherapy Balms?

To get the most out of aromatherapy, you want to apply your balm directly to your pulse points so you create a scent aura around you that will continue for a long time.


1. Apply It To Your Wrists

The first pulse point is in the inner part of your wrist. This is known as the radial artery, which goes through your arm to your thumb, and is the most popular pulse point because it can be easily seen. 

The best way to apply your aromatherapy balm is by rubbing it in a circular motion covering all the area where you can see arteries, even dragging it towards the rest of your arm or towards your palms. Bring your wrists close to your nose, inhale deeply and exhale slowly, repeat this three to four times, this will help you to relax and feel the effects of the balm.


2. Lower Jaw

The second most popular pulse point is at the side of the lower jaw. This point is easily found by placing your index and middle finger on the sides of your jaw. For best application, draw a short line at the end of both sides of your jaw

This will help you to unwind and destress in moments of intensity as the aroma will be with you all day.


3. Temples

In the outer part of your face, next to your eyes, the temporal artery is near the surface. This is a critical point for aromatherapy because the temple is a latch where four skull bones fuse. 

Massaging this area on both sides simultaneously is an easy and practical way to relax and calm your mind. Apply your balm in a circular motion on both your temples for instant relaxation or to get yourself ready to sleep.


4. Side Of The Neck

The carotid artery, which supplies your brain with oxygenated blood, goes through your neck. This is another popular pulse point because of how distinctively you can feel your pulse on it.

In aromatherapy, this pulse point is crucial because it increases the temperature of the neck, which allows the components of your aromatherapy balm to absorb better on your skin and the fragrance to stay for longer. Apply your aromatherapy balm by drawing a line on both sides of your neck.


5. The Inner Side Of The Biceps

The brachial artery is located on the inner side of your biceps and is responsible for supplying blood to your arms and hands. This aromatherapy point is a popular one during the hotter months when you wear clothes that expose your arms, or when preparing to sleep. Whether you are a side sleeper or not, the scent will come through from under the covers to soothe you. 


6. Groin

The femoral artery is a powerful one, supplying your legs. Whenever you plan a short walk, this point will be a must, drawing a line on your inner thighs, especially in the hotter months. The mere act of walking will activate the scent and you will walk around with a pleasant aroma at all times.


7. Behind The Knee

An odd but effective aromatherapy point to apply your balm and keep the scent for a very long time is the popliteal artery. This is the continuation of the femoral artery and is a good one to apply when you are planning on sitting down for a long time, not only because of the increased temperature but because when you are sitting down on a chair the back of your legs are in constant friction, which will keep your balm activated for a longer period of time. 


8. Upper Side Of The Foot

This is a popular spot to apply your aromatherapy balm when doing yoga or any other activity that requires sitting on the floor. Start by applying the balm on the top of your feet, and draw lines from the base towards your toes. This motion will cover the influence of the dorsalis pedis artery, another warmer point in your body that will keep your balm scent for a long time.